How to lose membership privileges

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This page details how any member regardless of role may lose their membership priviliges. It has been put together to add clarity around challenging scenarios in reponse to member feedback. This is not an exhaustive list but rather a short list of recent examples. 

Definition of membership privileges: The ability to be a member or guest at AMT

Breaking the membership agreement is what will get your membership revoked.*

These things break the membership agreement and, knowingly doing any of the following may result in more swift action by AMT.:

  1. Disposing or storing hazardous materials unsafely including pouring them down the sink or in the street. Read your containers and act responsibly. 
  2. Removing tools and furniture from the space without express permission.
  3. Loaning your key fob out.
  4. Leaving your guests in the space.
  5. A pattern of more sleeping in the space (like more than a nap...)
  6. Leaving the laser, cnc router, or mill running unattended.
  7. Not paying your bills (though this usually results in a temporary suspension until you clear it up.)


  • While AMT often works with people on a corrective action before full stop revoking access and privileges.