How to host a Thursday Night Meeting

From Ace Monster Toys Wiki

Step 1

  • Show up at 6:30
  • The Hospitality Steward may need support setting up food and it is nice to get out the non-beer drink for him.
  • Find the phone and when it starts ringing say tell people what suite we are in and that you are buzing them in.
  • Hit 9 to buzz them in Press OFF otherwise you will be hanging up the phone system for the night.

Step 2

  • Create an agenda (this can be done way ahead of time). Here are some regular topics and ideas:
    • Show n' Tell
    • A quick lesson (lighting lession) on something - 5 min. demo is best
    • A experiment (Will it laser? What happens when you drill press that?)
    • Scan the blog for cool projects to show
    • Guest Speakers if any
    • New from the org
    • Policy or Rule changes
    • Steward, Officer, Director Recruitment
    • Push Fundraising Campaigns
    • Talk about Org Projects.

Step 3

  • Write the agenda on the board
  • Welcome people as they come in
  • Introduce yourself as the host

Step 4

  • Run the agenda
  • Close the agenda by askign people to pick up their table and chairs

Step 5

Step 6

  • Help clean up any mess