How to give a Tour

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How to sign-up

Ping @officers on slack with the date and time you can host a tour. 

Steps for Running the Tour


  • Prework
  • Set-up Time: 6:45 PM
    • Take out the red AMT Sandwichboard stored in the Laser room.
    • Choose a meeting spot and buzz people in (Instructions for buzzing people in)
    • Chit-chat while people roll in
      • Ask how they heard about us
      • Ask what they are more interested in (you can spend more time on those topics)
  • Start Time; 7:05 PM
    • Best to choose a way to end the tour in Clean Fab or Co-Working cause that is where the fobs are
    • Use the Tour Talking points to take about each space
      • Explain buying a fob for a $1 now will save them having to wait till the next tour to pick one up or the trouble of making an appointment
      • Cover the How Membership works section
    • Also included in talking points is an FAQ, which is sometimes helpful 
      • If the questions get too in-depth direct them to the class for AMT Member Orientation
  • End Time: 7:45 PM
    • Thank folks for coming and direct them out
    • Bring in the sandwich board