How to get reimbursed

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AMT reimburses members when they spend money on pre-approved expenses.

How to get an expense pre-approved

Only pre-approved expenses will be reimbursed. The president handles day-to-day operations, including approving expenses. The president can be asked directly.

Steward instructions

All stewards have pre-approved budgets and Zoho Expense accounts. To submit an expense for reimbursement against that pre-approved budget:

Please use the Zoho Expense online system to submit receipts and expenses for reimbursement. There are a lot of great tutorials online for Zoho Expense. 


How to get reimbursed – for members

If an officer approved an expense that you incurred and you don't have a Zoho Expense account, please email that officer the following information:

  • Name if expense
  • What program it was for (laser, textiles, etc.)
  • Your preferred reimbursement method and details
    • For PayPal: email and name
    • For ETF: Routing number, Account Number, Full Name
    • For Check: Your Full Name and Mailing address
    • For AMT Store Credit: You membership account email
  • A picture of the receipt (please note that if you provided a service for AMT this is not the way to get paid ; - ) for that we need W9's and Invoices)

The approving officer will forward your request to the treasurer for processing.


Officer instructions

Once you have received one of those simple little reimbursement request emails, forward it to: treasurer [at]