How to cull laser materials storage

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Culling and cleanup of the laser materials storage shelves, including the bottom bin and any "piles" that may have accumulated.

Culling and tagging is done according to the storage policy: Storage

  1. First look through all the bins and remove any waste board that might have been stored in error.
    1. If the usable area is smaller than two hand widths, remove it.
    2. If the usable area is attached to a bunch of waste, set it aside to be cut down.
      1. Cut or snap off any waste and leave the usable part of the material
  2. Remove any material that is not suitable for laser cutting (i.e. foam core, vinyl)
  3. Remove any damaged material (i.e. stuff curved beyond usefulness in the laser)
  4. Bag all the junk. If there is more than one bag's worth of stuff, please snap a picture and Slack it to the laser channel.
    1. If one or less bags of stuff, make sure the bag can close easily and take to the dumpster. 
    2. If more than one bag, label, place on laser, post photo on laser channel. Leave there.
  5. Next, go through the red-tagged stuff and find all the expired material. If it is worth keeping, remove all tags. It is now considered fair use. Rules from step one apply. 
  6. Next do a general tidy-up, grouping things by size so they stay as flat as possible so they're useful in the laser. If possible, group tagged things together.
  7. Next, update the blue tags with red tags for any items that are older than two weeks.

Also see: How to update storage tags