How to add an asset

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To add an asset to the database you will need:

  • Access to a printer
  • Access to any free QR Code Generator like
  • Access to a camera (smartphone camera is great)
  • Access to tape or a big fat label maker (AMT has one, see below)
  • Access to edit the wiki
  • Access to the asset database (current temporary solution = contact @crafty on slack and an account will be set up for you)

Step One - Add the Asset to the Database via the API

Django-admin-add-asset.jpeg Django-admin-add-asset2.png


Step Two -  Label the asset

  • For AMT owned equipment
    • Print a new label. Instructions here: [Making Asset Lables]
    • There are some pre-printed labels in the drawers next to the computer on the member services desk (next to the stairs in the Clean Fabrication room). Not all of them meet our current label standards, so it's better to print your own. If you use an existing label, make sure to get one that corresponds to the entry you made in the database.
  • For Loaned equipment


Step Three - Make a wiki page

  • Take several pictures of the thing so that people can easily see what you are referring to. Include a closer up shot of the label you just applied
  • Make a wiki page with the URL using only the Asset Number as the title. 
  • On the page fill out this information (you can copy and paste from below):
    • Status: tool integration (Use this code snippet but use the new asset number: 


    • Name: Common name of the tool
    • Make/Model: The make and model of the tool from the manufacturer
    • Documentation: (link to documentation, this can be an online manual or on our wiki, whether this page or another is your choice.)
    • Location: (where in the space does it live)
    • Pictures! 
    • Category: (Add relevant category tags for the item you are adding... IT for it stuff, workshop for tools there, etc.)
  • DO NOT MAKE redirects that automatically push to another page, it messes up other things. Links only please.

Step Four - Set the status in Slack

  • The item won't show up on the main website list until you set the status on slack
    • Type /asset {asset number} {status}
    • Example: 
      • /asset amt001 On Fire!

And you are done!