How to add a product

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First add the item to the website

The instructions below are for physical products. Subscriptions and other virtual products follow a different set up.

  • Take pictures
    • Edit the picturesto be at least 600 x 600 (they must be sqare if you opt for larger
  • See woo-commerce for basic instrucitons on how to add products
  • Go to products in the dashboard and choose "Add New"
  • Name your product. Keep it simple.
  • Add the images you prepared
  • Choose your inventory
  • Make sure to give instructions on how people will get the product
  • Choose a tax category
  • Publish your product
  • Review what you published and edit accordingly

How to process inventory

Inventory Tracking

  • For an existing product open the product in the woocommerce dashboard and add to the existing inventory.
  • For a new product see process above.


For products that come in retail packaging

  • Add a price sticker to the front of the packaging

For products that need packaging - Cello bagged

  • Print/Make a card instert and trim to size
  • Bag with insert in cello bag

For products that need packaging - Boxed

  • Print label for the box
  • Lable and stuff box