How to Mega Dust the Workshop

From Ace Monster Toys Wiki

Before you being

  • Empty all of the vacuums and the cyclone dust collector
  • Turn on the cyclone (open all the gates), the filter and the exhaust fan
  • Open the door to the hallway... you need to draw the air.


  1. Start with knocking down the dust from all the dust collection surfaces. Things like the PVC pipes, the frame of panel saw, etc.
  2. Next, use the large floor duster to wipe the dust off the walls
  3. Then the vacuuming begins:
    1. The edges of the trusses (using the gutter kit)
    2. The PPE Bins and shelving
    3. The tops of the cabinets
    4. The insides of the grey bins
    5. The outsides of the major tools
    6. all the tools and the surface below the big center work bench.
    7. The edges of the door frames, workbenches, shelving, and whiteboard
    8. The hardware shelving unit
    9. the top of the sheet good storage
    10. The top of the cyclone
    11. The small project storage
    12. The top of the router cabinet
    13. The inside of the supply closet
  4. And last but not least the floor... you knocked a lot of dust around

This task takes about 2 hours for one person depending on how dusty the space is.