Honor Bar

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AMT has two honor bars with soda, coffee, and snack products. One in Clean Fabrication and one in CoWorking.

Stocking the Bars

Stocking the bar includes the fridge, coffee supply drawer, and snack baskets. 

Use this worksheet to take inventory then stocks the honor bars: Honor Bar Stocking Worksheet


Most supplies are in the #113 Laser room closet. Ping officers on slack for the code. Paper towel may be kept with other cleaning supplies. Utensils and paper plates, as well as a backstock of coffee, are kept in the drawers in Coworking #206.

Transporting supplies from the closet to the spaces is often done in clean buckets.

IOU Slips

  • We should always have a nice little stack

Buying Goodies

  • Put money in the jar
  • If you are a member, fill out an IOU Slip and put that in the jar (then pay your bills)
  • Bills are emailed approx. 1x per month and are due 15 days after they are sent.

Managing the Bars

The bars are managed by the Hospitality Steward and supported by Monster Corps


  • Inventory is taken 2x per month (See Inventory wiki page)
  • All supplies should be compostable if at all possible. This includes forks and knives. 
  • All beverage supplies need to be compostable. 


  • Funds for purchasing inventory for the honor bar comes from the refreshment budget
  • Money collected from Honor Bar purchases goes back to this fund