Editorial Calendar

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The folks that run marketing for AMT use an editorial calendar to plan what to promote when.

We promote and communicate to these main groups most of the time

  • Nextdoor.com - This is new. Mostly we want to use this for class promotion in the neighborhood. This is done on Crafty Rachel's account
  • Members Newsletter (2-4 times a month) - This goes out only to active members and is used mostly to communicate neat stuff or information about how the org is working
  • Public Newsletter (1-2 times a month)
  • Facebook - Blog posts automatically go out but we want to get nice class and event promotions up as well 2x a month
  • Twitter - Class promotions and other cool stuff
  • Direct Email - Sometimes we send a special letter or message out to a group of folks... like all the full members, or all the stewards or all the provisional members.

Are you a member, steward, officer or director  with a message that needs to go out? Rad! There are two ways to do it.

  1. Drop your topic on the editorial calendar and send the marketing person your text and images. (as of 12-24-16 that person is Crafty Rachel)
  2. Request access to the tools and platforms we do this stuff on... hootsuite, mailchimp, etc. and go to town and do your thing. - Make sure you follow the membership agreement and review the vision and values / mission statement to make sure your message tone doesn't contradict that stuff. And you may consider following communication best practices.