Computer Request

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To Request a Computer for any Ace tool

The following information will be required to setup an machine:

  • Name of the software it will run. ex: LaserCut 3.1
  • Link to the the software it will run. - Either a link to the internet site for it, or the software on the network somewhere.
  • Any other specifics it may need. ex: 7 USB ports available, etc.
  • Any preference or other notes. ex: Software can run windows on Windows XP and Windows 7, but I would like it on XP.


  1. Steward sends information for the request to
  2. Someone with Networking will create an asana project for this system.
  3. Someone with Networking will then check the specifics of the software and and attempt to locate a machine that will work.
  4. Someone with Networking will let you know if that they are working on getting you a system up and running, or that they have further questions or problems.
  5. Someone with Networking will let you know when the machine is fully setup and ready for use.

Please note that is we don't have people on a networking team that it might be awhile before you get action. It will go to folks who care via the slack channel.