Changing Governance

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(This page is out of date and needs to be updated - see onboarding and offboarding for a more current list)

All old and new officers and directors will need to collaborate on these processes, it's not something that can be done by just one person.

Change of Officers

  • update the wiki at Officers
  • notify the government (TBD)
  • update the email aliases,,,, and
  • give each new officer an account on Drupal so they can manage memberships
  • remove the accounts of the outgoing officers from Drupal (after the new ones are fully conversant)
  • share the LastPass credentials that are necessary

Change of Treasurer

  • Outgoing Treasurer ("OT") gives New Treasurer ("NT") the combo to the treasurer locker
  • NT gets onto bank account as signatory; OT is taken off
  • NT gets an Ace bank card; OT cuts theirs up
  • NT gets LastPass login info

Change of board members