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To promote the space and ensure expedient contractibility of members, I think we need some cards and flyers. Because I have a major convention / source of new members coming up on Oct 15th, I need some kind of promotional materials in a hurry.

Here's the current plan I have, I'm more than willing to change the details or hand execution off the plan off to someone. If no one takes it, though, I'm going to place the order myself.

Directors and officers who say they need them will get standard size monochrome business cards with the Ace of Spades logo, their title, and whatever contact information they ask to be written on the card.

I'm also going to print promotional cards with our contact info, directions, and the following leader:

"ACE MONSTER TOYS, The East Bay Maker Destination"

And a picture of someone doing some kind of ridiculous attention-getting mad science with Dave's "legitimate business, safety third" sign in the background.

Why "Maker"? Because when it comes to flyers, shorter is better. I think the term Maker has more mindshare than hackerspace, too, so I went with that.