Bristlebot workshop

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Make a small vibrating robot that wiggles around a surface on legs made of a toothbrush. It's about the simplest robot there is, arguably not a robot at all but what else would you call it? Super simple but makes a really fun desk toy. It is made from a vibrating pager motor, a battery, and in my version, a tilt switch so that it goes off when you turn it on its side.

We will have tools and materials available, except for a toothbrush. Bring an old one you were going to throw out and make a robot from it instead!

This workshop will be run by Rachel McConnell, and held at Ace Monster Toys' regular meeting, Monday night July 19 at 7:30, at the Berkeley Coworking space on Shattuck just north of Ashby, about a 5 minute walk from Ashby BART. I will ask for $4 for materials, and a $1 donation for Berkeley Coworking. (If you have a soldering iron that you can bring, please do so, as I can only locate one of mine at the moment.)

For more information, poke the list:, or hop on IRC, freenode channel #acemonstertoys.