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This covers things like color, tag lines, typography and all that other stuff that gets to a consistent representation of the AMT brand and identity.

Content currently under development


Below is the color pallet used for expressing the AMT identity. When at all possibible please use these core colors when creating graphics for that represent AMT. That doesn't mean don't add color or photography... please do... just not to the logo. See below.

Dark yellow = 203,124,23 | cb7c17

Bright yellow = 248,148,28 | f8941c

Red = 201,30,36 | c91e24

Dark grey = 129,130,134 | 818286

Light grey = 167, 138,172 | a7a8ac

Black = 0,0,0 | 000000 | 30,30,30,100

Go here for everything you ever wanted to know about the logo:



Museo is an open source open typeface that can be found through googling. If you have a good source please link it here.


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