09/2018 Board Meeting Minutes

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  1. Officer/Org work time - No vote needed - Officers - 10 min
    • Post one community awareness thing on Slack. Example: Do you have ideas on how AMT should spend money? Suggest an expense on this form Example: XYZ class is next week, x spots open. Example: XYX Officer position opening... and if you can't take on the full officer position there are small tasks doing X that would be a big help.
  2. Board members and Monster Corps - No vote needed - Rachel/Group - 20 min
  3. Goal Action Items Ownership - No vote needed - Rachel - 20 min
    • General reporting accountability - Who is responsible for reporting what, when
    • Many of the action items on the Goals still have no owners.
    • As a group assign what goes to Directors or Officers of the un-owned items
    • Edit Action Items as needed if an owner cannot be found



Chris Constantine (CC)
Rob Froetscher (RF)
Patrick Davies (PD)
Rachel Sadd (RS) -

Quorum present

Not Attending

Pierre Grandin Nicole Scherm

Taking Notes

Holly Mendenhall


The Board of AMT convened on September 10, 2018 at 6:56 pm in 214.

1. Officer/Org work time - No vote needed - Officers - 10 min

board works on posting items recognizing the community on Slack

2. Board members and Monster Corps - No vote needed - Rachel/Group - 20 min

RS : This is more along the lines of an fyi. We’ve attempted several times to have Monster Corps people also be directors, but we won’t be doing that going forward.

RF : Do we need to add that to the Board documents?

RS : You could add that to the recruitment documents.

RF : I’ll add that to the Board action items to change the templates. Does someone want to take responsibility for that small item?

PD : Sure, i’ll do it!

3. Goal Action Items Ownership - No vote needed - Rachel - 20 min (link)

RS : The Board before you [PD] decided on the yearly goals, which is the main thing the Board does other than recruiting officers and overseeing officers. On those goals, there was a bunch of stuff that had really obvious owners. Half the stuff belongs to the board but there aren’t really any accountability agreements. If we aren’t going to do the things, we should remove them from the goals. It’s demoralizing and implies that we’re doing stuff with the membership that we’re just not. From a reporting standpoint, I feel that I am meeting or exceeding my responsibility to the goals. If I’m going to be accountable, where’s the rest of y’all? Let’s make an accountability agreement. How you guys distribute the work is up to the Board. For things that don’t have owners, we need to assign owners.

RF : Do we want to talk about the things that don’t have owners now?

RS : I was hoping we’d at least talk about things that are already owned and who does the monthly reporting.

RS : The first thing that needs an owner is supporting sustainability under celebration.

PD : What are the colors designating?

RS : I just needed a general taxonomy to broadly designate how things are going.

PD : I don’t see anything in red, so is that good?

RS : There’s a lot of stuff that just has nothing.

RF : I want to say that the Board could do this one but I don’t want to sign the Board up for something that we don’t have the bandwidth for. It’s been a lot of time and effort to get the recruiting initiative off the ground. We could add an additional Slack bot alert for the Board to do weekly shoutouts.

Board agrees to try implementing weekly celebration of community.

RS : Next one is reduce single person dependencies, which is not about recruiting but changing the architecture of how we operate. One example is instead of it just being Josh in laser, we now have team laser and share knowledge and responsibility. Specifically talking about make the thing run tasks not the whole cake.

CC : I don’t know if I can take this on because I don’t know all the different silos.

RS : Does this particular item need more thought before an owner is assigned?

CC : How can we do this where someone who doesn’t know all the siloed things can still help?

RS : It’s less choosing someone who knows all the things and more finding someone who has the energy to go find out. I can map out a lot of these processes. I don’t have the bandwidth to go build the team. It doesn’t need to be an officer to organize those teams. We can defer this task.

CC : The only other thing I can think of is by maybe giving each board member a steward to pair up with.

RS : The first thing a steward brings is energy, good intention and they show up. The second thing they bring is expert subject knowledge. The third thing they bring is leadership qualities. We are trying to level up folks’ leadership skills by sponsoring programming around that.

RF : I think once we have more leadership positions filled the Board will have more bandwidth to explore this further.

Board agrees to defer to mid-year.

RS : The next thing on deck is broad community engagement. I’m confused by the action items that are under those goals [library, Hoover school garden] because those are programs AMT already does. In my mind, community engagement is the Board showing up at other hackerspaces, glad-handing and the like.

CC : I was thinking the community outside AMT.

RF : I think this goal was made in recognition of the things we were already doing in the spirit of keeping that up. We can say that the board owns it for now. This is something we think is important ...

RS : For me it’s the opposite of acknowledgment. A goal is something you’re working toward, not something that’s already been achieved. The infrastructure for all the community benefit programs got built.

CC : There’s no more structurally stuff to build, so in that sense it’s done. But there’s still hours to put into it, making it seem like it’s not done. So owner should be Crafty, right?

PD : But there was this other element Crafty was talking about in terms of engagement ...

RS : The community benefit elements are already done. The regional engagement not so much. Next month, things that have the Board on it, will we get an update?

[no response]

RS : Another issue that needs attention is that we have two more months to get twenty more members. The things I'm doing won’t have the same efficacy forever. I’m going to keep trying iterating, being inventive and creative.

PD : I can reach out to students who are looking for spaces and connect with the director of the program at CCA.

Board agrees to meet next on October 1st at 7PM. RF moves to adjourn. CC seconds. Meeting adjourned at 7:45 PM.