10/2017 Board Meeting Minutes

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  1. Bylaws update - No vote - Nicole - 15 min - link to bylaw updates
    • Approve proposed bylaws to send to lawyer
  2. Member concern policy/guidelines - No vote - Nicole - 15 minutes - see proposed policy pdf
    • ​​Figure out strategy for announcing the policy/guidelines



Pierre Grandin, Jacob LaBay, Marc Johnsen, Nicole Scherm, Rachel Sadd

Not Attending

Chris O'Donnell

Taking Notes

Renee Green



(1) Bylaws update

Nicole - 15 min

Approve proposed bylaws to send to lawyer

NS: Bylaws updated again after agenda shared, let’s all do a quick review. Then we need to talk about how to find a lawyer

RS: You might want to think about the questions you want to ask the lawyer and how you want to frame them

PG: We didn’t actually touch a lot of the bylaws, so we don’t need to have someone review the whole thing

RS: Actually, you do, because it’s contextual. What you can ask for is for a review and review of changes, without actually rewriting the document; ask for “a review of the material to ensure that any changes made are in compliance with california state law and specifically, do any of those changes require a vote by the existing membership”. If they come back to you with saying that the the document is not in compliance, that’s when you have to work something out.


NS: Provisional members don’t get a lot of rights

RS: If we gave them rights, then you would have two classes of members, which has been banned by the bylaws right from the beginning to avoid having to define the differences between the two classes of members at every stage where member privileges and procedures are defined. This lets us try out provisional member policies outside of the bylaws in a separate document without needing legal oversight.

NS: In this revision of bylaws, we removed the “automatic return to full membership” option for members whose membership has lapsed.

RS: It’s a lot easier that way, and we also can’t assume that someone returning as a member wants to have the responsibilities of full membership

NS: Any questions?

PG, JL: Nope, we’re good.

NS: How do we get a lawyer?

PG: (to JL) Don’t you work at a place with lawyers? Do you mind taking lead?

JL: Yes and no.

NS: Do you have a timetable?

JL: I will have more information by next Wednesday (11 Oct 2017)

(2) Member concern policy/guidelines

Nicole - 15 minutes

Figure out strategy for announcing the policy/guidelines

(the board has been drafting a member concern (ie, harassment) policy)

NS: This is a review meeting, and we may decide to have a work meeting after this board meeting to make any of the suggested changes.

RS: So I’m hearing that this isn’t a meeting to answer the questions, but a meeting to figure out the questions and decide how they need to be answered and who will take on the task.

NS: Yes.

NS: One question we have is about rollout of the policy.

RS: Would you like to hear how it is typically done?

NS: Yes

RS: You create a short/bullet point document for people to sign that should be just an outline, but not the full detailed policy itself. Then you create a SPECIFIC email that tells people about the new form. Then you follow-up with individuals. Another thing I would have is some other event like a town hall.

PG: Even Slack!

NS: Besides actually writing out the policy, we’ll need to figure out how to send a special email or see if the officers are able to help.

MJ: I’m concerned about how much work this is going to take to implement if it isn’t critical to the experience of their membership

RS: Why don’t we do a hybrid? Have a modal or warning that pops up when members log in to the AMT website. We can have no deadline for that, and just silently incorporate it into the new member policy.

MJ: Oh, I like that a lot more.

NS: Is there any sort of legal concern with that?

RS: It doesn’t sound like a problem to me, going by how other hackerspaces run their harassment policies

NS: I’m concerned about the people who don’t end up signing, who then use “I didn’t sign that form” as an excuse to go against the agreement

RS: Then just make it an “acknowledgement of receipt”.

PG: How do we enforce this policy?

MJ: Can we make it part of the bylaws?

PG: That makes the bylaws even harder to update

RS: This document explains what you can do in order to qualify to get voted off the island; the bylaws state the “how”.

PG: I’m still unsure how we enforce the policy with people who haven’t signed it.

RS: This is “use policy”, ie how do you use the space. You can enforce any use policies you want, as long as you don’t break the law. Include the line “I acknowledge that I have read this” instead of “I acknowledge that I agree to this”

RS: My main concern is how much extra work this will be for officers in the long run.

PG: What sort of work are you thinking of?

RS: Any system like this requires monitoring and keeping records.

PG: What about the incident report form?

RS: I have to answer all of those

PG: How about the board interfaces directly with the members over situations like this?

RS: That does mean you are signing up to do a lot of work.

PG: Is there a general board@ email?

RS: Members might also have a complaint against a specific board member. You’re going to need a system to track the complaints. You can use the form to track, but that means every time someone has a complaint, you have to fill out the form.

NS: Do we want to table this for a work meeting?

(3) 990 form

Marc - brought up at meeting

Is there anything the board needs to do?

MJ: What do we need to do?

RS: The 990 is wrong, and I can’t submit anything that is wrong. The board that needs to be listed needs to be the board at the time of filing, not the board when the form was initially created. So I think what needs to happen is the information needs to be updated, and then the form can probably be sent to the treasurer for approval, then it needs to be signed by the board.

PG: And you said if we don’t file in time, it’s going to be $5k?

RS: Yes, so we need to hear a response from the treasurer

PG: So we’ll try to get this done next week.

Meeting close

PG: What’s left for us to work on?

NS: We can work on the policies now or set a work time?

PG: I like to work collaboratively.

NS: Let’s make a list and divide up responsibilities.