10/2018 Board Meeting Minutes

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  1. Officer/Org work time - No vote needed - Officers - 15 min
    • time designated for org tasks that increase board involvement in org functions and visibility in community
  1. Proposal to kill Officer/Org work time - Is vote needed? no, but an agreement is - Rachel - 10 min
    • This has been less than productive
    • Is not an activity that is appropriate for a board meeting
    • The goal of increased involvement in functions is counter to the role responsibilities for directors
    • Crafty has to do too much intellectual and emotional labor to get directors to engage and she wants to stop
    • If we stop doing this we can have the time back and avoid the general awkwardness of putting each other on the spot.



Chris Constantine
Nicole Scherm
Pierre Grandin
Rob Froetscher
Patrick Davies

Rachel Sadd
Steven Sheffield

Quorum present

Not Attending

Taking Notes

Holly Mendenhall


The Board of AMT convened on October 1, 2018 at 7:38 pm in 214.

1. Officer/Org work time - No vote needed - Officers - 15 min

HM : OK, since the only other item on the agenda is to get rid of this time, we should just skip to that now.

2. Proposal to kill Officer/Org work time - Is vote needed? no, but an agreement is - Rachel - 10 min

RS : It’s just been too hard. Getting us all here and on the same page is a lot of labor. It doesn’t seem like it’s a.) fun or b.) in alignment with what officers and directors do. I like the idea of having time set aside but i don’t think this is the medium. It was well intentioned but it’s too much work for me. I like getting you all more institutional knowledge and insight. If we wanted to flip flop it for insight on a topic, I think that would be of more value to the entire group.

PG : I’m not clear on what you’re suggesting as a replacement.

RS : I’m not saying we have to replace it at this very moment. My main proposal is just to stop doing that thing.

RF : I have an idea, there are things we need to do as a board that aren’t really a part of the board meeting, we could set aside time before or after the meeting that the board could have a working session on that the officers could provide direction on.

PG : So we’d keep the time slot on the agenda but not make it mandatory?  I’m expecting us to have 15-30 minutes extra for a working session after a board meeting to keep us to our two hour time minute.

RF : I think there’s a lot of things we can accomplish in that time frame, especially for a-synchronous tasks.

RS : Are we all agreed on killing the officer board time?

PG : I think most of the time we get something done with that time though.

RS : It has been less than productive when there’s all this other stuff that can happen in that time slot. … I put out a bunch of information on different approaches to have effective, fun board meetings.

Motion made to do away with officer / org work time. All 5 vote aye. Officer / org work time done away with.

Board agrees to meet next on October 29th at 7PM. NS moves to adjourn. PG seconds. Meeting adjourned at 7:54 PM.