11/2017 Board Meeting Minutes

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  1. Board meeting attendance - No vote needed - Nicole - 15 min 
  2. Member email regarding laser. No vote needed. Pierre - 30 min
  3. Bylaws and open officer vacancies​  - No vote needed - Nicole - 10 min
    • ​​check in and discussion of next steps
  4. State of the org ​ - No vote needed  - Nicole - 10 min
    • ​review
  5. Member concern policy - No vote needed - Nicole - 30 min - see PDF (in Slack)
    • ​update on working doc



Nicole Scherm, Jacob LaBay, Mark Johnsen, Pierre, Kat

Not Attending

Chris O'Sullivan

Taking Notes

Nicole Scherm (entered in by Renee Green)



(1) Member email regarding laser

Nicole - 15 min

[the board voted to make a good-faith offer in order to close the matter]

(2) Bylaws and open officer vacancies

Jacob: lawyer contacted didn’t respond, then didn’t have time. Contacted 6 more lawyers who specialize in nonprofit law, will receive quote from 1 tomorrow.

Jacob: need to talk to Crafty about VolunteerMatch. Couldn’t find other AMT profile. Don’t think an org shows unless it has postings.

Kat: Jacob and I have been talking about treasurer. Need to talk with Rachel (Crafty) about getting a treasurer “trainee”. Important to have treasurer for oversight, will be doing majority of treasury work once up to speed.

Kat: I’m hesitant to step down as treasurer until new trainee is fully trained by Rachel and me. Goal is that I’ll provide oversight, while new treasurer will do the work and receive the stipend.

Nicole: any more comments on volunteer positions? I think we should revisit this at a working meeting, especially with John stepping down.

Mark: Getting volunteers is difficult overall.

Kat: it’s a lot of work, even with a stipend.

(3) State of the Org

Nicole: do we want to move this conversation to slack b/c of time constraints?

Mark: I have a quick comment.

Mark: I can’t get the membership numbers to add up, we should go over that. What about the spark account?

Kat: I can talk about that to you separately.

(4) Member Concern Policy

Nicole: want to schedule a working meeting to go over and discuss what needs to happen. Can continue discussion over slack before/after meeting.

Pierre: would prefer to discuss over slack.

Nicole: I’m fine with that, but part of the idea of a working meeting is to keep us accountable. Without meeting, would like to set deadlines.

Pierre: ok. I’m going on vacations so it’ll be difficult for me to make it to a meeting.

Mark: I do like the idea of having meetings, don’t think it would have to be all of us.

Jacob: I would be open to a meeting.

Nicole: ok, why don’t we pick a meeting date and then discuss the details over slack? Then we can decide what to accomplish at a meeting, and from there how long and who should attend.


Working meeting scheduled.

(5) Board Meeting Attendance

Mark: I think we should have regular lunches with the president to grow and maintain a better relationship.

Kat: I agree. Also, I think that by default officers should be attending board meetings.

Pierre: we can try to arrange meeting topics to make the ones relevant to officers discussed first.

Kat: I think that there should be time allotted for discussion between board and officers, and Rachel feels that the meetings should be more decision-focused.

Mark: I think that documents should be read before time, but that there should be time to review and have conversation which still happens when we’re fully prepared.