11/2016 Board Meeting Minutes

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November 16, 2016 meeting

Attended by

Rachel (Crafty)

Rachel (Shiny)






1.  Discussed Budget update and Infographic

-Crafty noted she received feedback from members regarding what is the "extra" money for?  ($80 v. $40 dues)

      - need to explain that the higher amount is not "extra"

      - explain how money is spent

      - goal is to be at 60/40 split (60%=$80 rate)

      - explain how if we dont end up at 60/40 then we will have shortfall and certain services will suffer

- Budget appears good for now, hold judgment until end of quater

- Budget projects 20% growth in membership, which is 1-2 people a month depending on type - need approx $120 a month in dues in new memberships ($80+$40 = $40+$40+40)

2.  State of Org Report should be done tomorrow

3. Discussed need for process for when people break stuff (wiki writeup)

4.  Steward Meetig on Saturday at 2 pm

     - small presentation on what is a steward  (1.communicate; 2.keep stuff working)

    - what cleaners do and do not do

    - focus group with Emily

5.  Discussed candidate for treasurer - current accountant - Kat

 -   incredibly qualified

-   potential conflict of interest in that she also does our taxes

-   discussed building in external audit/review once a year to address potential conflict of interest

-  board voted and approved 4-0 to make Kat the treasurer

6.  Jacob stepped down as co-working steward

7.  Election coming up - need people to run

8.  Discussed requestfor refund from Niki B - board approved refund of two months; account is not cancelled

9.  discussion regarding steward - letter to address conduct

     - Ray to speak with steward before any letter is sent out

Meeting adjourned