Board Meeting July 3rd 2013

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in attendance:

  • Al
  • Anup
  • atom
  • Costa
  • David
  • David
  • Stefan


  • Determine which beers we will have
    • racer 5
    • anchor liberty

  • Determine which pizzas we will have
    • 19" splitter
    • 19" herbivore

  • Determine which two directors are six month terms
    • Anup & Stefan volunteer to hold six month terms

  • Pick a board chair
    • davr volunteers to be chairperson


  • Re-confirm existing officers and/or appoint new ones
    • treasurer: [some chicken talk about hiring a book keeper here] Davr would like to hand this off and Anup is willing to pick this up. We will circulate a request to the membership for volunteers. if nobody volunteers then Anup will take over at the next board meeting.
    • president: Costa is OK with continuing his hard work [some side talk about recruiting a go getter little caesar type to be president]. We will circulate a request to the membership for volunteers. if nobody volunteers for the board to approve, then Costa will continue.
    • secretary: we'll add secretary to the list of open officer positions. Stefan will pick up the work if nobody else wants it.

[some talk about paying the officers here]

  • New officer positions requested by members:
    • Hackerspace Ambassador
      • Mischa has volunteered to be an ambassador to other hacker spaces.
      • ha ha ha ha ha
    • sysadmin
      • it's proposed that rrix is young, poor and stupid enough to take this job
      • it's further proposed that if this job amounts to 10+ hours/mo, the sysadmin should be compensated with free membership
    • Marketing
      • Crafty mentioned some interest in this. There is some dispute over whether she offered to do the job or mentor someone else.
    • Classmaster (in charge of scheduling and filling classes)
      • duties would involve considering and approving proposals to hold classes
      • maintaining a class schedule
      • making sure a member is present at classes not run by members
      • enforcing policy regarding class times, costs (instructors will be encouraged to charge for their services)
      • [some talk about how to coexist with hacker scouts and how metrix handles classes]
      • the membership will be polled for interest in this position
    • Shop Steward(s)
      • nobody has really wanted to do this so far
      • we don't know how many people are needed
      • it seems like it's the volunteer coordinator's job to figure this one out
      • volunteers have to be approved in advance by the volunteer coordinator
      • we need to perform some triage to identify how many tools need stewards
      • it's the volunteer coordinator's perogative to say no to unqualified volunteers

The Bill has Arrived

  • $124 (including tip)

The Serger

  • Rachel would like another $50 towards a fancier serger
    • the board approves another $50 towards a fancier serger

The Purge: space cleanup

    • Zcorp (must die?)
      • Stefan has volunteered to put this on ebay
    • The dreaded leaning wood pile
      • it's useful to have some wood
      • it would be more useful to have less wood
      • Costa volunteers to pare down the scrap wood collection
      • the scrap rack will be disassembled
    • Hey, do we use that bandsaw?
      • yes
    • What's up with the closet?
      • Stefan will take John's batteries
    • Flame bin
      • i don't know what this is but Stefan has one that he's donating
    • first aid kit
      • we need a new one
    • multimeters
      • we're somehow... out of these. we need some
      • crowd tilt to outfit the workbench
    • How many printers do we have or need?
      • this has already been taken care of.

Finding a new space

    • Quick review of current strategy of finding new locations
      • today we have $3k we could spend, $4k if we stretch
      • [some talk about splitting space with a like minded organization]
      • we have 62 paying members right now
    • Contacting a lawyer to determine way to split liability evenly like hacker dojo?
      • their 5 directors somehow divvied up the liability of their new space
      • Al is still on the f'n lease
      • some talk about subleasing from folks
      • some talk about makeropolis
      • some talk about american steel
      • in the last month and a half, everything except for one spot in our building has rented


  • Shoshana was handling this but she seems to be distracted.
    • Anup will follow up

instructables laser cutter

  • some confusion about sponsorship levels and communication with instructables

Last minute additions

  • Al has to go work on some guy's prusa
  • that sentence is rife with innuendo