05/2017 Board Meeting Minutes - Additional Session

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A board working session (Working_Session_May_17,_2017) turned into an impromptu board meeting. Here is what happened.



Pierre Grandin, Jacob La Bay, Rachel McConnell, Mark Johnsen

Not attending

Rachel Sadd (Crafty Rachel), Chris O’Sullivan, Kat Smith



(1) Board met and approved John Dagleden (@dags) as VP for a provisional 3 month period

5 yays, Chris by phone/multi-media.

(2) Board met and approved Way Shong (@banjoisland) as a membership coordinator for a provisional 3 months period

4 yays

(3) Board members to be on the budget committee: Jacob La Bay & Mark Johnsen


The following items were already on this page when the Secretary went to document the minutes on May 29, 2017, so they are being left here for posterity.

1. Validating Cyclone Concept with Small Blower

2. Completing Cyclone as Planned.pdf