03/2017 Board Meeting Minutes

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Add your topics here. Please provided links to any materials or documents needed so that participants can prepare:

  1. Change Management- Emily- 10 min.
  2. 2017 Org Chart -Link to Google doc for comments - Vote needed - Rachel 5 min.
  3. Proposal to change the membership agreement - Link to Google doc for comments - Vote needed - Rachel - 5 min
  4. Stewardship Program Description - Link to Google for comments - Vote to Ratify Needed - 20 min - Rachel
  5. Tool and Equipment Acquisition Policy Ratification - Link ot Google Doc for comments and questions - Vote needed - 5 min. Rachel
  6. Financials- Kat - 20 min



Rachel Sadd (Crafty Rachel), Chris O’Sullivan, Mark Johnsen, Kat Smith, Jacob LaBay, Rachel McConnell (Shiny Rachel)

Not attending:

Pierre Grandin



Change Management

Emily Bowen: Pre-meeting discussion of communication strategies is related to this topic. We got clarity when defining board member descriptions, but we have a lot going on, and the Board needs to step up and start pushing actions forward. We need to be better at communicating when we’re working on AMT stuff, so Emily can more effectively help.

Shiny Rachel: maybe we can all coordinate at the same time

Mark Johnsen: Maybe 3rd Mondays meeting/coworking in person?

Chris O’Sullivan: no regularity in schedule

Jacob LaBay: Wednesday evenings

MJ: Wednesday evenings, yes

E: Will followup with Pierre, looks like Wednesday evenings will work

E: Want to do a training for the board and a separate one for officers

Renee: please explain what’s going on!

EB: following up with board members and their agreed-upon responsibilities. Will be leading trainings on 1) emotionally intelligent leadership and 2) conflict management

Org Chart

Crafty Rachel: Here is an update. “Temp” was added to the Monster Corps Coordinator position to indicate that this position is open, but also who to contact about training/onboarding.

SR: What’s up with Rama?

CR: He was let go, let’s remove that. He wasn’t available enough, but will be willing to train a replacement

SR: How do we know this document won’t be changed?

CR: When ratified, will print to PDF with datestamp

All: (ratified)

CR: Will send to Renee for posting on the wiki

Proposal to change the membership agreement

CR: Changing “don’t be a jerk” to “be awesome” This doesn’t need to be done now, but we’re probably not ready for it

SR: Can we try some phrasing that is positive but not as fluffy as “be awesome”?

CO: Let’s take 3 minutes

SR: How about “kind and respectful” instead of “awesome”?

CO: Doesn’t have that maker taste!

MJ: I like the specificity

CR: Feels like it is missing the “object” component; I want to try to marry the respect for both the people and the object.

MJ: The disclosure line about being a provisional member feels wordy.

CR: Let’s table this until we address the “awesome” line.

SR: Someone needs to own this project

MJ: (volunteers to push this along and get collaboration)

Add this item to the next agenda.

Stewardship Program Description

CR: SR suggests a Stewardship Agreement instead of a Program Description.

CR: The Stewardship Program is still described as a “beta” on the wiki. We need to do this to indemnify us against providing accidental employment contracts. This is written based on what’s known to work and what’s legal. This should be a framework for all volunteer roles. Whereas the Program Description describes what needs to be done, the Steward Management document covers how to do it.

MJ: Concerned about the steward feedback process

CR: If the president is in charge of what stewards do and in charge of operations, the president needs to have a say, since the president is accountable.

KS: It feels like this is a volunteer position with employee expectations

CO: The steward position is given a lot of authority (money, decision-making, etc), there needs to be a mechanism for removing that authority.

CR: For example, if they’re going against our mission

CO: Or taking an unreasonable amount of time and effort to manage

CR: Dismissal is a last resort. Stewardship and membership are unrelated outside of the fact that stewards are drawn from the membership.

CO: Think of it as “stewards were lent authority” rather than given it. A steward can be dismissed and still remain a member.

SR: Why do you want approval on a Steward Program Description instead of just approval of a Stewardship Agreement?

CR: It’s like a job description vs. an employment contract

SR: Why seek board approval other than just doing it?

CR: I want oversight from the board.

SR: I’m concerned about how strongly Rob is resisting many points of the document

CR: It seems like the items that Rob is pushing are in the direction of consensus-based decision-making, and I just can’t stand behind it

KS: I want to know what is behind SR’s hesitation is, and until that is defined, maybe we should table it.

SR: I strongly believe that, even though we don’t want consensus-based decision-making, we need to get feedback from the membership.

Vote: 2 yea, 2 nay, document doesn’t pass

Shiny Rachel action item: by Thursday, propose revisions that feel comfortable to her Crafty Rachel action item: will review revisions and put to digital vote on Slack

Tool and Equipment Acquisition Policy Ratification

CR: Let’s review this.

SR: Section on “what can be crowdfunded” seems redundant

CR: Ok, let’s get rid of it

MJ: Should there be a cap for the 100%-funded equipment?

SR: I feel that, at our current operating budget, if we have to cap what the President is purchasing, we have the wrong President.

Passes unanimously.


Kat Smith: Membership dues are at $50k. Propose action item to review “Starving Hacker” vs regular memberships. At the next meeting discuss membership metrics.

CR: 64 Standard memberships, 67 Starving Hacker memberships, 12 Monster Corps memberships

KS: Would rather this ratio be 70:30. (looking at Quickbooks)

KS: Need to review bank statements, which only tells us the balance on a particular date. Paypal is where money from Meetup goes, and it also is the debit card for the org. ~$20k in savings and ~$20k for operations.

SR: What is “Creative Arts”?

KS: “Creative Arts” is fixed assets that are not computer equipment or furniture

CR: Net revenue is ~-$7900, but this covers a lot of once-yearly things, such as web hosting, DocuSign, etc

KS: Amortize such things over the year! KS: Planning to start budgeting workshops, and will need 2 officers (KS and CR), 2 board members (MJ and ?PG?), 2 stewards (HL and ??), and 2 members.

CR: Planning to raid Community Benefit money to cover electrical issues.

KS: Will be meeting with workshop team to go over budget assignments on Wednesday 3/8/2017

KS action item: review “Starving Hacker” vs regular memberships and at the next meeting discuss membership metrics. KS need to pass message to Emma Freed to ramp up newsletter calls for people to be involved in budget.