03/2018 Board Meeting Minutes

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  1. Officer/Org work time - No vote needed - Officers - 15 min
    • time designated for org tasks that increase board involvement in org functions and visibility in community
  2. Scheduling the Next Full-Member Vote - vote needed - Pierre - 20 minutes - links soon
    • Need to vote on updated bylaws and decide on a timeline for full member vote
  3. Code of Conduct update - No vote needed - Nicole - 15 minutes - see Slack for link
    • Planning next steps, including working with Emily to review scenarios
  4. Postpone officer-board lunch - No vote needed - Nicole - 5 minutes
    • Decide whether to move board-officer lunch to April
  5. Schedule board budget/goal preplanning meeting - No vote needed - Nicole - 10 minutes
    • proposing a mid-month meeting to talk about 2018-19 org goals and review of current budget




  • Nicole Scherm
  • Chris Constantine
  • Rob Froetscher
  • Pierre Grandin
  • Chris O'Sullivan
  • Rachel Sadd
  • Kat Smith

Not Attending

Taking Notes

Holly Mendenhall


The AMT board convened at 7:06 PM on Monday, March 5, 2018.

(1) Officer/Org Work Time

Officers - 15 min

Monthly ​time designated for org tasks that increase board involvement in org functions and visibility in community

RS : It’d be great if all the officers picked a channel on Slack, found an interesting project and said something nice.

CO : The membership praise project! I commit to 5 a month.

The board members all worked on this task immediately.

RS : Did the exercise get you to look at more channels than usual?

PG : It was a good reminder to get in the habit.  

RS: Maybe for next meeting HM and I could work on new processes and use the board for testing scenarios with the membership / subscription database

(2) Scheduling the Next Full Member Vote

Pierre Grandin - 20 min

Need to vote on updated bylaws and decide on a timeline for full member vote

PG : I will take care of putting together what we need to move forward on this in the next week. There are two steps that need to happen for the full-member vote. First step is to determine what changes. Second step is to work with Holly to schedule the actual vote of the membership.

RS : We haven’t have a member vote in 7 months, so what’s plan B?

PG, explaining to the new board members : We’re trying to simplify the process so it’s not so much work to get full membership quorum.

RF : What are the proposed changes to the by-laws?

PG : We want to change the process to require just a vote instead of needing to have the board do it at a meeting.

RS : Any changes to the bylaws need to be filed with the state. Once this project is done, I can obtain D&O insurance.

PG : We don’t need to table this. I will check in on Slack and set a deadline for Friday of this week.

(3) Code of Conduct Update

Nicole Scherm - 15 min

Planning next steps, including working with Emily to review scenarios

NS : I’ve started talking to Emily who helped with leadership things in the past about the Code of Conduct document I’ve been writing. Part of the intention with this document is to expand the culture page on the AMT website.

PG : Please post to channel so we can keep track of it

NS : The primary purpose of the CoC is so we can deal with members that have small, repeated offenses that are contrary to the member agreement. CoC will make the board more visible by giving us a specific role in mediation and problem-solving. Is the board willing to take on that responsibility? Emily can help us discuss particular scenarios. I’ve reached out to her but haven’t heard back yet.

CC, RF : Sounds like a good idea

RS : I have done a lot of research compiling conduct documents from other maker spaces.

NS: We need to work on clarifying the yellow-card, red-card system previously discussed. A yellow-card is a warning that a member needs to work on poor behavior, where is a red-card is an automatic suspension.

RS: Cards make it unambiguous to the offending member

NS : We never reached consensus on what to do after someone receives a yellow card.

RS : We point to resources to how the person can empower themselves to change. For example : with ‘splaining, we’d provide resources on communication. There’s also the potential to throw mediation resources at the problem when it’s an interpersonal conflict. The decision should be scenario-based on the level of transgression.

CC : Like, using a tool that you’re not certified on? Would there be a system for removing the yellow card?

RS : You can’t remove it. You’d always have the yellow card. The yellow-card is an opportunity to point out patterns and ask how the member wants to modify that pattern.

PG, asking if CC & RF have seen the incident reports : The purpose of reports is to act.

CO : If it’s severe enough, it’s a yellow card. If it’s not, we have a conversation. Enough conversations make a pattern, which might warrant a yellow card.

NS : Please take a look at the working document so we can talk about it later.

(4) Postpone Officer-Board Lunch

Nicole Scherm - 5 min

Decide whether to move board-officer lunch to April

NS : The on-boarding of new board members ate up our budget, so maybe we should postpone the March officer-board lunch meeting.

RS : I think it defeats the point if we move it.

The board discussed other options for meeting.

NS : Instead of postponing, I’ll send out a message on Slack about a potluck dinner on March 19th around 7 PM.

(5) Schedule Board Budget/Goal Preplanning Meeting

Nicole Scherm - 10 min

proposing a mid-month meeting to talk about 2018-19 org goals and review of current budget

NS : I’d like to have a working meeting to talk about next year’s goals. How do we see changing the budget around?

RS: In the past it’s been 5 big goals, maybe this year we should have one main goal or direction. I’m interested in what process the board wants to use to get to the decision re: the goals. In the past, i just picked them. We’ve only had goals for as long as I’ve been presidenting. The second year, we had a lot of leadership training and we workshopped our goals.

CO : We could have a brainstorming session like that again.

RS : No. i’m biased. I don’t think we have all the options in the world on the table anymore. That methodology might not be an appropriate approach to developing goals. You might want to think about how you’re going to get there.

KS : What do you mean by not as many options available?

RS : Human resources. If we lose officers, goals are impossible.

RF : I’d like to propose a goal to not lose officers.

KS : As someone who sees your finances on a regular basis, we’re in a precarious situation. If we’re going to grow, we need more space.

PG : Why do we need more space? Do you mean that we need more members?

KS : We need more people paying money if we’re going to grow and we need more space to get more members.

NS : I don’t have this cohesive idea of what’s in the budget. I’d like to have a meeting where we all looked at the budget while we talked about these decisions. I imagine that officers that have to work with the budget all the time have a better idea of what the org really needs.

RS : If you want a primer on how the budget is made, I am more than happy to sit down for a half hour and explain it. Bucket metaphor will help illuminate what are choices and are not. I’m available as a resource to explain how the budget works but not making those decisions on my own.

The board all agreed to stay after the meeting for Crafty's budget primer.

RS : One thing to not skip or alter, is to maintain the use-love survey. Last year we asked them what they thought about the goals. The membership should be engaged if we’re going to have goals.

PG : Is there any way to get perspective on how we did with this year’s goals?

RS : We can look at the state of the org reports to see how that needle moves.

CC : What’s the cycle on goals?

RS: Fiscal year, goal setting and budget setting are interrelated. We need to set the goals before we can allocate the budget.

KS : Note that the budget wraps up 15 days early this year due to personal vacation.

The board members discussed schedules and decided to meet on March 12th to work on goal planning.

(6) Closing Tasks

Potential Space Available

The board members discussed what resources would be needed if the org grows out of its current space.

Project Crowbar Update

RS briefed board on PC status.

NS moves to adjourn. PG seconds. Meeting adjourned.