07/2017 Board Meeting Minutes

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  1. Election Update - Renee - 5 min. (tentative)
  2. Starving Hacker Rate Mechanics - Crafty - 5 min. - Suggested ammendment
  3. SOO Q&A - Group - 10 min - Link to latest SOO
  4. Financials - no vote - Kat - 20 min
  5. Membership Agreement update - Way - 15 min



Rachel Sadd/Crafty Rachel, Pierre Grandin, Chris O’Donnell, Kat Smith, Marc Johnsen, Nicole Scherm (virtual)

Not attending

Jacob LaBay

Taking notes

Renee Green



(0) Welcoming Nicole to the board + Good things

CR: 2 new stewards in the last 5 days: Bobby is going to be coworking steward, taking on the hush box, and James Lord will be the CNC router steward

CR: Let’s tell Nicole how these meetings go. There’s an agenda online that anyone can add too. Chris runs the meeting, and we typically start the meeting with happy team building and food.

(1) Election Update

Renee - 5 min.

RG: 43 members eligible to vote, 21 voted

CR: We feel that not enough people voted, we didn’t push the members

(2) Starving Hacker Rate Mechanics

Suggested amendment - Crafty - 5 min.

CR: It’s too much effort on the part of the ops team to handle the 3-month sunset period for the Starving Hacker tier, so we should just get rid of it

CO: We still have the application process, but then the people wouldn’t have to do anything to keep their low rate

PG: So we’re doing what we were doing before

CO: So we’re effectively adding a third tier that requires an application process

All board members present vote to pass

(3) SOO Q&A

SOO link - Group - 10 min

CR: I worked super hard to get this out on time and I didn’t, and have been having trouble recruiting officers

PG: Summary?

CR: (reads some salient points)

CR: (excuses herself from the remainder of the meeting)

(4) Financials

no vote - Kat - 20 min

KS: (reviews numbers)

CO: We’re in the black this month

KS: The board voted in the new budget! When you do a budget for the next fiscal year, it’s pie-in-the-sky and we try as hard as we can to stick to the budget.

KS: More of the board should have been participatory in the budget process so you guys could understand it better

PG: Did the Compass account ever get closed?

RG: I have this page from Dr. Shiny, signed by the whole board, but wasn’t entirely sure what to do with it

CO&KS: So it’s still open

(5) Membership Agreement update

Way - 15 min

CO: Way is not here and did not include any links, so we’ll table this