Board Jul 2018

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  1. Officer/Org work time - No vote needed - Officers - 15 min
    • Set date for board elections? Chris O. & Nico’s terms are up.
  2. Goals - Is vote needed? Yes - Board - 15 min
    • Vote in the goals for the next fiscal year
  3. Board-officer lunch - No vote needed - Nico - 5 min
    • Set next lunch date
  4. Title change for President - Is vote needed? Yes - Crafty - 10 min
    • Would like title change to executive director
  5. Leadership engagement and hosting duties - No vote needed - Crafty - 5 min
    • Proposal : we share the Thursday night tour duties on a cycle, so that we each only have to do the tour once every 7 weeks. Not only will this share the work, it will increase leadership visibility in with membership.



Chris Constantine (CC)
Nicole Scherm (NS)
Pierre Grandin (PG)
Rob Froetscher (RF)
Rachel Sadd (RS)

Quorum present

Not Attending

Chris O’Sullivan (CO)

Taking Notes

Holly Mendenhall


The Board of AMT convened on July 2, 2018 at 7:14 pm in 214.

1. Officer/Org work time - No vote needed - Officers - 15 min

HM : There was some discussion on Slack about needing to hold an election for board members, since two people’s terms are up as of July.

RS : So, it takes 4-6 weeks of intention for an election cycle. The first two weeks requires getting nominations, followed by telling the community who those people are, followed by actually voting. I have little availability to give to this process. We can set a date but there are two things to consider : we need to know who is staying and who is going. The board can nominate replacements, either temporary or for the entire year. For example, if Nico wants to stay the board can vote and determine how long they can stay on until the next election cycle.

RF : Why not just try to do a 5 week lead up in early August? Like starting August 6th.

RS : If you give me the dates, I can put it in the next newsletter.

RF : That sounds like the board just volunteered for a task. Let’s add that as an action item for the board.

Holly and Board resolve to have next board election in early August.

2. Goals - Is vote needed? Yes - Board - 15 min

RS : Did the goals change from the last link sent?

RF : Version 4 is the operative set.

NS calls for a vote. All vote in favor of passing v.4 of the goals

3. Board-officer lunch - No vote needed - Nico - 5 min

NS : We’re overdue for a board officer lunch so I just wanted to check in about what availability everyone has coming up.

Consensus reached for potluck on Sunday, July 22nd at 10:30 AM, probably at Pierre’s house.

CO arrives at 7:41 PM

4. Title change for President - Is vote needed? Yes - Crafty - 10 min

RS: It’s not a title change because I care but I found that when I was operating at the makerspace conference or talking to business people, ‘president' got funny looks. It doesn’t have to be a change in the by-laws.

CO : You can be whatever you want.

RS : Wizard? … it’ll be easier for me to function outside the org, advocating for us, as executive director. People understand what a director is in the context of non-profits but not so much a president.

CO calls a vote, though we’re not sure it’s required. All vote in favor of outwardly referring to Crafty as Executive Director.

5. Leadership engagement and hosting duties - No vote needed - Crafty - 5 min

RS : Doing the weekly meetings has always been a presidential burden. It’s a source of anxiety for me to not know if I’m always going to have coverage for the Thursday tour. It would have the added bonus of making the board more visible and also making new members known to us. My proposal is that we each just take a week and rotate. If you are unavailable, then it would be your job that week to find someone.

CO : Have we updated our tour packet?

RS : Yep. (link) The tour is our one magical opportunity to set expectations that no one works here, that all the info is on the website, that there’s a video on the membership page.

NS : My first question is how we know who is going to do it?

RS : We pick order now.

RF : I hear that the tour has become a burden and you need help with the tour. What if we try to find a group of members who are excited about this?

RS : I put a non-trivial amount of work into finding people every week. There’s burnout on members hearing from me asking for things.

O : It’s not specifically written anywhere that this is a board responsibility but so what? It’s integral to the success of the org.

RS : For one magical moment, I had a dedicated Monster Corps person but that’s not sustainable.

PG : I don’t think Rob was disagreeing with you on this.

RS : I’m not doubting your suggestions but I’ve tried almost everything. My ask is that we share the burden of getting it done.

CO : I think it would a little easier to do two weeks at a time.

RS : This is a retention issue with me as well.

RF : I think we’re just trying to set the right expectations and not say we can do things we can’t do.

RS : I respect that but I’m hearing a lot of pushback. I’m not going to get the support I’m asking for.

NS : My concern is to find that something works.

RS : If it fails, it only fails once. Or six times in a year per person. The burden would be with many people instead of one.

CO : The importance of doing something like this is pretty big. We won’t survive as an organization without getting new members and we need 40 members by November.

RS : One of the reasons we can’t shift the day is because the membership tells interested parties to come on Thursday.

PG : We should get the schedule set up.

RS : I will make sure there are lots of tools to make sure we know who is on deck. I can put it on the bulletin board if that works.

[schedule will be : 07/12 - Chris C. ; 07/19 - Pierre ; 07/26 - Holly ; 08/02 - Nico ; 08/09 - Chris O. ; 08/16 - Rob ]

Board agrees to meet next on August 6th at 7PM.

NS moves to adjourn. PG seconds. Meeting adjourned at 8:57 PM.