02/2017 Board Meeting Minutes

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  1. Elect Chair for the Board - Chris - 5 min
  2. Ratify Mission Statement and Visions and Values (see website https://www.acemonstertoys.org/about/) - Voted needed - RS - 5min
  3. Approve correction to the Officer Stipend Amount (https://acemonstertoys.slack.com/archives/governance/p1485465963000023) - Vote - Kat - 5min
  4. Approve role descriptions (please review all drafts sent out prior to the meeting - Draft From Emily's Email) - Group - 25 min.
  5. Financial Update Q & A - Kat - 15 min.
    • Billing Policy - See Kat's email string for proposed policy and questions from other board and officers - Vote needed - Kat - 5 min.


  • Rachel McConnell
  • Pierre Grandin
  • Mark Johnsen
  • Chris O’Sullivan (via phone until he showed up in person)
  • Jacob LaBay (has Chris’s proxy should he drop the line)
  • Kat Smith
  • Rachel Sadd
  • Shawn Silverman
  • Emily Bowen




Chairman of the board is Rachel today because she’s President and therefor the default CoB when there is not one elected.

Rachel: Last meeting with Emily: She reminded us that we’re all good at this, all have our core competencies. What’s owned by the board vs. the office? Board: advisers, the office: the doers and presenters.


Affirmations™ by Emily:

  • Best experiences people had working as a team: joy, making community, creating order from chaos, humour, having ownership of role that was clearly defined, stepping up into it, planning work and working the plan, adaptation, backup plan, clear deadlines, valuing a positive legacy. Bringing in from the “before” to “now”.
  • Best role model you’ve seen: leaders who are leaders vs. bosses, people who lead with integrity, good leaders get you to see and believe in the vision, work along side you, bring energy, competent, proactive rather than just reactive, inspire confidence, take feedback into account, listen to understand, caretakers w/out micromanaging, creating opportunities to succeed, making it okay to fail, high but “obtainable” and clear expectations.
  • Conflict related to unclear roles and goals. There’s often a “grey territory” where things often go awry.
  • We’re all hardworking and smart enough to take all this on.
  • Good to have remedies for “what we can do wrong”. Members should have “Less wiggle room to play with you.”


Rachel: What do we want control over?

Elect Chair for the Board - Chris - 5 min

No nominations.

Chris nominates Pierre.

Pierre nominates Shiney.

[Rachel: The hot potato has been passed]

Shiny: We can vote for ourselves and give one nomination to someone else.

Pierre and Shiny declined the nomination.

Shiny: We nominate Chris.

Everyone in favour: yes. [Kat and Rachel can’t vote because they’re office]

Chris is now chairman of the board: responsible to crafting and running the meeting.

Shiny: Propose to make this effective at the end of the meeting.

Ratify Mission Statement, Visions and Values - RS - 5 min

(see website https://www.acemonstertoys.org/about/)

Shiny: Who has edit privileges?

Rachel: Only 4 people can, plus there’s history, so no problem.

Rachel called for a vote.

Everyone ratifies.

Approve correction to the Officer Stipend Amount

(https://acemonstertoys.slack.com/archives/governance/p1485465963000023) - Vote - Kat - 5min

Rachel: [A conversation was captured in Slack]

Kat found a math error, so it changes the stipends. Needs re-approval.

Chris: How much different?

Should be 13.33/hour for a set amount of hours. The treasurer was getting too little and the secretary was getting too much (within $1).

Chris proposes to correct.

All say “aye”.


Stipends are now updated on the wiki.

Approve role descriptions - Group - 25 min.

(please review all drafts sent out prior to the meeting - Draft From Emily's Email)


Removed insurance comments.


Thursday get together discussion.

  • Shiny: Want to continue to defer. Feels it’s beyond the scope of today’s meeting.
  • Vote to defer, may to address at the end of this meeting. 3 voted yes to defer.


Directors Full member dismemberment

  • Rachel: Until we change the bylaws, only the board can dismember full members.
  • Todo: Could have a pre- and post-bylaw description in the doc. Make a bylaw distinction. Rachel is updating the notes.


  • Board approves dismemberment process, officers develop, propose and implement them. This process will be implemented after a bylaw change.


Fundraising Officer

Rachel: Board doesn’t make the plan just the goal. The person makes the plan.

Shiny: You can’t execute a goal.

Rachel: Yes you can. For example, fundraising as a goal, and then implementing that fundraising.


Chris: Did we vote on making an “fundraising officer”? Calling for a vote.

Shiny: Do we have a new vote for each item, or at the end?

At the end.

Setting culture edit: Rachel: Propose that we leave the first bullet point (on mission, vision, and values)

Shiny: Feel that some officers set culture but all officers should keep them in mind. Would like to point out that distinction.

Emily: Like setting it vs. reinforcing it?

Shiny: Eg. Cleaning up after yourselves vs. making it easy to clean up after yourselves.

Rachel: What better word than “setting”?

Shiny: Maintaining culture.

Chris: “Cultivating”.

Change in description for “compliance goal”. Rachel: All good with that? Yes.


Marketing Officer

Making being “language monitor” part of this person’s job.

Shiny: Eg. updating things so we’re not lying to people.

...or things that won’t make our 501(c)3 go away.


Membership Coordinator

Member services. Mark: Another part is needed for the “how”. Update to “member services” line. What they do.

Dismemberments of members: Shiny: Please split out the two aspects: before vs. after bylaw changes. Provisional member dismemberment is pre-BL, and all-member dismemberment is post-BL.
Rachel: Officer vs. committee. Chris: Wants only an officer to set the criteria because committee will be hard to get together.

New row: Transition members from provisional to full
Should have talked about this.
Rachel: Should we talk now?
Shiny: In my mind, this is sufficient.
Rachel: A post-BL thing no matter what.
Removing “possibly”. The membership coordinator develops.

Updating compliance line:
Kat: All compliance material related to membership.


Vice president

Ensure compliance: There’s “primary”, but they also do the “secondary”.

Rachel putting compliance info into the other member “compliance” sections.

Shiny: Not clear on what rolling member moderators means

Rachel: Monitor. Suggestion is to have members be moderators.

[Words used: rolling, catfish, and package]



Shiny: Want to remove the “other” officer and put them elsewhere.

Rachel: Organizing meetups should be president or VP.

Kat: Membership Coordinator should do that.

Shiny: Too much responsibility for Membership Coordinator.

Kat: What about “Social Media Officer”.

Rachel: That’s “Marketing”.

Shiny: Agree that it should be an officer, President or VP.


“Member meetings”


[Chris just arrived]



Rachel: Stewardships is integral to ops.

Rachel: What oversight do we want with stewardship management.

Support for leaders: Adding that board ratifies policies

Killing “Kiss hands, shake babies”.



Can access resources to cause the mail to be checked.

Rachel: There was a time where we didn’t check the mail for four months.

Shiny: Mail needs to be an explicit responsibility for somebody.

Rachel: A lot of it has to do with putting it in someone’s inbox to process it.

Taking notes: Board meetings but not Thursday meetings.

“Member to member situations”: Why not in Membership Coordinator?

Rachel: President is an option, but they could always send to someone else. People often go to a familiar face.

Shiny: Could be a President’s responsibility.

Rachel: Could have an escalation policy.

“Member to member situations” row killed.



Bill paying: President pays the bills at the Treasurer’s direction, when the accountant is also the Treasurer.

Update: Remove “At the treasurer’s direction”.

Compliance: Kat: Want to remove the phrase about tracking inflection points. Change to “etc.” Because “inflection points” seem to refer to “memberships” and not “money”.

Adding same line as “Bill paying” to “Process reimbursements”.

Kat: How is “disperse financial information” different from “discuss financials”

Kat: Remove “insurance paying”. It’s “only a bill” [in sing-song by Rachel].

“Culture” -> “Maintaining culture”. Rachel: Reminding people to pay bills.


Volunteer Coordinator

Rachel: Monster Corps Coordinator shouldn’t have to do all volunteer coordinator things.

Rachel: It’s two jobs.

Making a new “Monster Corps” job description.

Rachel: Suggest we defer this description to the next meeting.

Rachel: Or we can approve it, with deferrals

Shiny: Do it now?

Rachel: Let’s wait.



[Fortune: It is the most gratifying goal that must begin with a small achievement.]


Volunteer Coordinator/Monster Corps Coordinator

Removing a bunch of stuff.

Avoid accidentally creating employment agreements


Comprehensive and well-written volunteer legal agreement.​

Kat: Don’t ever use “at will” with volunteer agreements.


Hosting Thursday meetings

Deferring the decision on how to handle them. Eg. holding them, etc.

Chris: Motion to ratify the document as-is. Second is Shiny.

Unanimous consensus


- Viewing of the AMT Org Chart

Chris: Move to table until the next meeting.


Financial Update Q & A - Kat - 15 min.

Billing Policy - See Kat's email string for proposed policy and questions from other board and officers - Vote needed - Kat - 5 min.


Kat reviewing numbers.

Rachel talking about locker motivations for new members. Probably going to be some locker cutting at the end of the month.


Kat: Regarding software, we’re part of Tech Soup?


Kat: Everything coming from Zoho is coming through as cash. This is going to cause a headache.

Kat: Rachel asked me about where some of her expenses went. The answer is that it’s moved to a different account, temporarily.


Note: Kat is both the Accountant and Treasurer, but steps are taken to avoid any conflict. She doesn’t have any direct access to the bank accounts.

One of Shiny’s purchases being reassigned to the workshop budget, to resolve some mislabelling.


Bottom line: Net revenue as Jan 31, 2017: $-6,129.74.


Rachel: There’s a spreadsheet that lets people see the budget activity, complete with a “Log” tab.


Billing Policy

See email from Kat.

Kim reading laser cutter fees policy.


Shiny: Couple issues with the clarity. Change the word, “proceeding”, to “following”. Also, if fob is deactivated, why just mention the laser cutter?

“space” instead of “laser cutter”.

Rachel: Regardless of what we decide:

The ToS on our website need to be changed.

Need to inform people before you put it into effect.

How it gets phrased, when informing people, should be brief.

Shiny: Also be sure we’re not violating by-laws to cut someone’s fob off.

Rachel: The implementation details are hard. Eg. Just suspending the fob is hard. Easier to just suspend membership. From an admin perspective is a nightmare.

Kat: May be a problem because it also suspends billing.

Rachel: Do we want people as members who can’t pay what they owe. Do we want to keep hand-holding people that can’t even send Kat an email?

Rachel: People are checking their accounts before asking about the entry not working. This is good.


Shiny: Aside from the door, want to explore this laser cutter collection policy. What happens to the three weeks, say, if you finally pay your bill after three weeks.

Rachel: Taking people off hold is also a manual process, as is putting them on hold. Notifications of changes of state, however, can be sent easily to the right people, say to re-activate a fob.

Shiny: Asking a timeline question on the whiteboard.


Rachel researching subscription and membership on “Woo Commerce”.

Can people take advantage if billing doesn’t kick in at the right time?

Shiny: Propose that we defer.

Chris: Meeting adjourned.