12/2017 Board Meeting Minutes

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  1. Officer/Org work time - No vote needed - Officers - 15 min
    • time designated for org tasks that increase board involvement in org functions and visibility in community
  2. Membership privileges- No vote needed - Nicole - 40 min - see slack for CoC draft
    • discuss yellow/red card system (what are repercussions of yellow card? Who hands them out? Etc.)
  3. Code of conduct - No vote needed - Nicole - 15 min - see slack for CoC draft
    • Discuss CoC format - does this meet our needs and is it a useful way to convey this information?
  4. Org 2017 goals - No vote needed - Nicole - 15 min ​
    • Check-in: how are we doing? (In particular, inclusivity as it relates to diversity.)




Nicole Scherm, Mark Johnsen, Jacob LaBay, Kat Smith, Chris O'Donnell

Not attending

Pierre Grandin

Taking Notes

Renee Green



(1) Officer/Org Work Time

Officers - 15 min

Monthly ​time designated for org tasks that increase board involvement in org functions and visibility in community

KS: I don't have anything on my list.

RG: I am working with the president to transition my role to one that is more supervisory, and to have Monster Corps members handle the day-to-day.

KS: My role is also in process of getting a trainee.

MJ: What about the bad debt?

KS: We wrote it (bad debt from laser fees) off. 

(2) Membership Priveleges

Nicole - 40 min

Discuss yellow/red card system (What are repercussions of yellow card? Who hands them out? etc.)

NS: Over the weekend, Crafty, Renee, Phil and I had a discussion about creating a member code of conduct, impletmenting a yellow/red card system, and how to communicate expectations of member conduct. I thought we could bring that discussion here.

NS: In doing research to draft the code of conduct document, I reviewed several other community space codes of conduct, and I envision both a short version and a long version of the code of conduct, where the short version is the positive behaviors expected of members, and where the long version details the things that constitute automatic red cards and the sorts of things that constitute yellow cards.

KS: Why have two versions?

NS: I see that we have a short one that gets posted on the walls and on the website.

KS: Maybe we can do that, but call them different things

NS: We talked about having all new members sign the code of conduct immediately and have old members onboard more slowly

CO: No, we should hold everyone to needing to sign it at the same time

KS: From an HR standpoint, it should never be left up to the feelings of the membership. We shouldn't coddle the membership, and we should set rules and all member should be required to follow them

NS: Is the Code of Conduct a legal document?

KS: Yes, if they have to sign it and it has ramifications, up to and including loss of membership, then it is a legal document. This should be in plain English, have a table of contents, and be in the same format as an employee handbook. 

NS: Ok, so we should have a culture page/document, and then an official code of conduct that is a legal document. I'm interested in surveying the general membership to see if the culture document we come up with would actually align with the values of the membership.

CO: I think we need to decide what we want first.

NS: I'd like to move forward and cover the actual logistics of how the yellow/red card system would work.

CO: I'm in favor of the idea that anyone can issue a yellow card

NS: I think leadership should make that decision

KS: I agree

NS: I also think that anyone who has a red card faces immediate expulsion until the leadership team has time to review the situation.

NS: We're also interested in what sort of impact a yellow card might have on a member. Options: (1) your yellow card expires after a certain amount of time, maybe losing full membership, (2) yellow card always stays on record. We're also concerned with who can see the yellow card, and in how much detail.

KS: I don't see why a yellow card would ever expire. Mark, how do you handle situations where your kid misbehaves.

MJ: It really depends on the severity of the situation.

CO: I'd like to see yellow cards as not being incredibly serious, but still let people know that they have exhibited behavior that isn't aligned with AMT culture.

NS: One thing we had discussed was having an updated Incident Report form that includes options for the complain-er to select what sort of result they would like to see as a result of the reported incident (yellow card, just informing the leadership, etc)

KS: A committee of officers and board members should really be responsible for reviewing Incident Reports.

JL: Maybe a yellow card could be like receiving a performance plan, where the person receiving the yellow card has to do something to get the yellow card removed.

CO: So how are we going to proceed?

NS: Either way, I think the yellow card should communicate an expected behavior change, whether it is after a certain amount of time or after a certain set of actions is untaken.

CO: I think the yellow card shouldn't necessarily result in a change of membership, but should definitely have a result of some sort.

NS: I think that a yellow card should perhaps result in a suspension of full membership

KS: What is the split in our membership? We can't do things differently for full vs provisional members.

NS: We also talked about how long it should take for the leadership committee to address a member-to-member conflict, and we thought we could work with 2 weeks. Also, what sort of turnaround should be expected for a response to that?

all attending: 2 weeks sounds good. If you can't reply to an email within 2 weeks, then you've got a problem.

CO: Is there anything we need to vote on?

NS: I don't think it's quite ready, but I will work on this draft and revisions and get it back to you.

CO: I'm happy to coordinate with you on 12/15 ± 5 days

NS: I'm going to work on revising a draft of the document and put out a ping on Slack mid-month to arrange a working meeting, in hopes of getting a document together to be voted on at the next board meeting. Honestly, I'm a little skeptical that we will meet the deadline of next board meeting, but I'll work on it anyway.

(3) Code of Conduct

Nicole - 20 min

Discuss CoC format - does this meet our needs and is it a useful way to convey this information?

(the conversation vacillated between (2) Membership Privileges and (3) Code of Conduct, so all notes are above)

(4) Org 2017 Goals

Nicole - 15 min

Check-in: how are we doing? (In particular, inclusivity as it relates to diversity)

NS: Let's check in about the state of the org and our 2017 goals, and see if we're on track.

MJ: I noticed we grew by over 30 members since November 15.

CO: Techshop people. We do also need to keep our eyes on inclusivity.

NS: Should we be increasing our communications around the space about needing volunteers and officers?

CO: We should probably have at least one board member present at the general meetings to advertise for opportunities to get involved.

NS: What about the notice board? Does anyone look at it?

CO: Didn't the newsletters have calls for volunteers?

NS: I would love to suggest more outreach, but that requires more people, which we don't have yet. We've talked about going to more places and seeing if we can recruit more people to help that way. Do we want to talk more about that?

CO: We should move that discussion to #board or #governance and discuss it over the next few weeks.