12/2018 Board Meeting Minutes

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  1. POI: 'Board procedures for transferring work from the goals between directors  - no vote - Board- Time (TBD)



Chris Constantine
Rob Froetscher
Patrick Davies
Nicole Scherm
Pierre Grandin

Rachel Sadd

Quorum present

Not Attending

Taking Notes

Holly Mendenhall


The monthly meeting of the AMT Board convened on December 10, 2018 at 8:42 pm in 214.  

POI:  Board procedures for transferring work from the goals between directors  - No vote - Board - 10 min. 
Chair (RF) presented report on Board accountability procedures.  The response was received and made available online (link).  

All present discussed intention of meeting given sparse agenda.  Discussion regarding goals ensued, particularly what the board feels confident taking on and what might be struck.  

Motion : RF moves to approve Revised Goals. PG seconds.  5 ayes.  Motion passes.  

All present discussed upcoming board election, as  Pierre Grandin, Chris Constantine, and Rob Froetscher’s terms are all coming to an end.  This will be PG's last meeting.

Motion : RF moves to approve November minutes.  CC seconds.  5 ayes.  Motion passes.  

Motion : PG moves to adjourn.  RF seconds.  Meeting adjourned at 9:05 pm.  

Board agrees to meet next on January 7th at 7PM.