Board Aug 2018

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  1. Officer/Org work time - No vote needed - Officers - 15 min
    • time designated for org tasks that increase board involvement in org functions and visibility in community
  2. New member growth goal check-in - No vote needed - Rob - 30 mins
  3. Insurance check-in - No vote needed - Rob - 30 mins
    • Would like to talk about our progress here
    • Would like to recap intermin coverage for Treasurer prosition
    • Financial implications of D&O coverage, is our GL premium expected to go up?



Chris Constantine (CC)
Nicole Scherm (NS)
Rob Froetscher (RF)
Chris O’Sullivan (CO)
Rachel Sadd (RS) - via phone

Quorum present

Not Attending

Pierre Grandin

Taking Notes

Holly Mendenhall


The Board of AMT convened on August 6, 2018 at 7:12 pm in 214.

1. Officer/Org work time - No vote needed - Officers - 15 min

RF : The board has a meet and greet on Wednesday with a potential treasurer and another interview on Thursday.

RS : I need us to focus on recruiting members. If you wait for it to be concurrent, you might not move the needle. If you wait to solve just the treasurer, know that there are long lead times between candidates.

RF : We’ll make it a priority this month to get a posting up on Volunteer Match for a VP position.

NS : We’ll put it on the action item board and figure out who will take it.

RS : I’d like to see treasurer and marketing filled first.

2. New member growth goal check-in - No vote needed - Rob - 30 mins

RF : Crafty, I was wondering if you had any metrics for us on new members growth. 

RS : If you want it faster than my mid-tier priority, which it is for me right now, I can teach you how to access the metrics.

RF : I’m trying to think about this … trying to figure out if this needs to be higher priority.

RS : That kind of goes to an overarching conversation about who sets priority. I’ve been putting the priority on actually onboarding.

CC : I’m hearing that you, Rob, want more long-term planning.

RS : There is a project for making an automated dashboard that’s been on the back-burner forever.

NS : Would that project replace the SOO?

RS : It would replace the hard data of the SOO, which takes the longest time to assemble. It would probably take care of some of the analysis, like trends over time.

RF : Another question I had on this front, what are we doing right now that is different than before we had this goal?

RS : What I am doing different : we added two different public events and outreach events, we’ve engaged on two different discussion boards (nation of makers), we’ve placed more listings on Craigslist. Also, onboarding classes to support and sustain new members. The effort has been put into letting people know who we are and what we do, making sure that we are well known and our upgrades and expansion are well known.

CC : Before finding AMT, I did a search for East Bay makerspaces and was shocked by how little there was out there.

RS : I have other things in the hopper but they’re not ready to be talked about yet. Is anybody else doing anything different?

RF : I am not personally not doing anything different, but am open to doing whatever you need. When we talked about adding this space, we mentioned adding another tour.

RS : Yes. I am offering those by appointment on weekends and then post it to Meetup to make it open to the public.

RF : Do you have a sense of how much runway we have if we can’t recruit the needed members?

RS : I haven’t modeled it. The bank account has had a stable balance. We have a number of expenses coming up with the new financial quarter and a big accountant bill in the spring.

RF : My personal concern is that if we don’t know that we’re way off then we need to do something drastically different or start trying things.

RS : I don’t disagree with you but I think you need to direct those questions to someone beside me.

CO : I agree. We should know when we are hitting a wall. We have to offset a certain amount of dollars.

RS : When we originally brought up the topic, I did a reasonable projection. We have to clock against that projection.

CO : $1800 is paid for by 37 members.

RS : If I were to make a guess, we’re probably off by 7 members from that number now. We are exceeding attrition but not at the rate we need to. We are not getting the same uptick of Burners this year, but the flip side is we won’t get the steep drop off. If at any point an individual or group wants to do the modeling, I can break it down.

RF : We’ll put it on the board action items.

CO : Let’s book time with Crafty sometime this week. Tabled.

3. Insurance check-in - No vote needed - Rob - 30 mins

RF : The main thing I was wondering is how much the D&O ended up costing.

RS : It was not over the budgeted amount from last year. I believe it was $1200 or $1800. We pay by the year and I did a 3-year lock in.

CC : Was there progress on the liability?

RS : We have a tentative letter of acceptance from our preferred provider.

RF : Do you have a sense on whether the price of that will change?

RS : Nope. I’m not in a position of power.

RF : I wanted to make sure we had interim coverage for someone reading the treasurer’s mail. Would it help for one of us to take over that?

RS : If you guys make a plan to open it, open and then just stick it in my box, that doesn’t reduce my bandwidth for dealing with things. We’re going to miss mail.

RF : I believe that we can fully not miss mail. I’m willing to open the mail but I don’t know if I’ll be able to know what to do with it.

RS : One of the things that needs to be appreciated, is that people have gone through extraordinary effort to keep up on everything over the past few years. I encourage us to use more imagination to not just put a bandaid on the understaffed situation. If you never want anything to get dropped, get me a VP.

Board agrees to meet next on September 7th or 10th at 7PM. NS moves to adjourn. CO seconds. Meeting adjourned at 7:47 PM.