Board April 2018

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Add your topics here. Please provided links to any materials or documents needed so that participants can prepare:

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  1. Scheduling the Next Full-Member Vote - vote needed - Pierre - 20 minutes - links soon
    • Need to vote on updated bylaws and decide on a timeline for full member vote
  2. Goals discussion - No vote needed - Rob/Nico/ChrisO - 20 mins - (links)
    • We spent some time coming up with goals and would like to formalize them
    • We are set to send out a survey to the membership April 11 about the goals (use love survey)
  3. Financial Leadership Intrerim Plan - No Vote Needed - Group - 40 min - (links)
    • Deterimine durations plan will run
    • Determine what activites are vital (and what can be assigned lower priority)
    • Determine who is responsible for the vital activites
    • Agree on the public-facing message
    • Figure out at least part of how the long range plan will be crafted and who is doing what to make it happen



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Taking Notes

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