04/2018 Board Meeting Minutes

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  1. Scheduling the Next Full-Member Vote - vote needed - Pierre - 20 minutes - links soon
    • Need to vote on updated bylaws and decide on a timeline for full member vote
  2. Goals discussion - No vote needed - Rob/Nico/ChrisO - 20 mins - (links)
    • We spent some time coming up with goals and would like to formalize them
    • We are set to send out a survey to the membership April 11 about the goals (use love survey)
  3. Financial Leadership Intrerim Plan - No Vote Needed - Group - 40 min - (links)
    • Deterimine durations plan will run
    • Determine what activites are vital (and what can be assigned lower priority)
    • Determine who is responsible for the vital activites
    • Agree on the public-facing message
    • Figure out at least part of how the long range plan will be crafted and who is doing what to make it happen



Pierre Grandin (PG)
Nicole Scherm (NS)
Rob Froetscher (RF)
Chris O'Sullivan (CO) arrived at 8
Kat Smith (KS)
Rachel Sadd (RS)

Quorum present

Not Attending

Chris Constantine

Taking Notes

Holly Mendenhall


The Board of AMT convened on April 2, 2018 at 7:08 pm in the AMT classroom.

Scheduling the Next Full-Member Vote - vote needed - Pierre - 20 mins. 

PG led discussion on how other non-profit orgs are handling full-membership.  All present debated possibility of creating a membership committee to appoint full members that will be approved by the monthly meeting of directors. 

PG motions to create a standing full membership vote at each board meeting.  NS seconds.  3 ayes.  Motion passes.

Goals discussion - No vote needed - Rob/Nico/ChrisO - 20 mins.

RF presented update on where the Directors were in planning next year's goals.  

Financial Leadership Interim Plan

RS presented plan for RS and HM to divide treasurer work until suitable replacement found.  

NS motions to adjourn meeting.  PG seconds.  Meeting adjourned at 8:54 PM.  

Board agrees to meet next on May 7th at 7PM