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Current board members

  • Chris O'Sullivan (through June 2019)
  • Nico Scherm (through June 2019)
  • Patrick Davies (through June 2019)
  • Steven Sheffield (Interim Appointment)
  • Rob Froetscher (Interim Appointment )
  • Cela S. (board-match candidate)

Role Description

The board at AMT is composed of five directors. These directors work with the officers to form the leadership team at AMT. Specifically, the board oversees and supports the officers, and makes sure the organization is working to fulfill its goals. Read the role descriptions here.

Director expectations

All board members have the same role. Directors are expected to attend board meetings (including monthly board meetings and working meetings as discussed). The board ratifies the budget, and two members of the board take part in the annual budget committee. Directors also approve budget changes and review the State Of the Org (SOO) document every month.

When conflict arises that requires mediation, the board serves as mediation between members. Directors also connect with the community through community events (for example, attending the Thursday member meetings).

One board member generally serves as chairperson and has a few additional duties. The chairperson schedules regular meetings, creates the wiki agenda page, gets food for the meetings, and sends out reminders about upcoming board meetings. They also oversee board onboarding for new directors.

Cadence of activity

The board has regular meetings once per month, generally on the first Monday of the month from 7-9pm. Directors are expected to attend board meetings in person (it is infeasible to attend the meetings remotely since we do not have equipment designed to support remote members). Board meetings are generally also attended by the officers. The agenda for the monthly board meetings is set in advance and publicly visible, as are meeting notes. The board meetings generally focus on agreement, resolution, and decision.

At the discretion of the board there may also be other meetings outside of the regular monthly ones. For example, we sometimes hold working meetings and board-officer lunches.

Board Meetings