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Step 1

Come hang out with us. Get to know us, the tools we have and the things we make with them. If you like what you see and it suits your style, stay and help us build up the space. Read some stuff on the wiki, particularly this page, and understand our behavior guidelines.


  1. If someone hasn't signed you off on equipment that needs signing off, don't use it.
  2. Only use gear marked as AMT property unless the owner has told you otherwise.
  3. Any copies of keys to the space need to be logged with the President
  4. Find and follow checklists of actions for things like being the last person to leave or first person to enter.
  5. Pay your dues once a month or you will be dropped from the membership roster.

Ethical Guidelines

  1. Don't be a dick.

Step 2

If you've decided joining us in our quest for crazy contraptions, make it known. Officers should be around at our big meetings and they can answer your questions and guide you to becoming a member :)

Actually becoming a member

1. Sign up for an account on

2. Arrange for payment of membership dues

3. Fill out Media:AMT_Membership_Agreement.odt.pdf By order of the board of dictators, members must sign and date a physical copy of the membership agreement.

Signed membership agreements are to be filed in the AMT file archive, currently located in the top drawer of the pink file server upstairs next to the lockers at the top of the stairs. Unsigned membership agreements may also be found in that file cabinet. if we are out of unsigned agreements you can print from the AMT Membership Agreement file on google docs.

4. Fill out Media:AMT_Liability_Release.odt.pdf Even worse, all visitors and guests who intend to participate in the danger that is Ace Monster Toys shall sign a liability release form. Hard copies are stored in the same way as membership agreements. If you need to print more, find the AMT Liability Release file on google docs.

5. Fill out Media:AMT_Emergency_Contact.odt.pdf Optional but recommended, please file an emergency contact form so we know who to call when you're on the way to the hospital. Same deal as above. If you need to print more you can find the AMT Emergency Contact form on google docs.

6. Legibly scan all signed forms and mail them to State your Ace Monster Toys website account name in that email.

7. Put forms in the ‘File Server’ (the pink cabinet upstairs). in the manila folder marked "Unsorted New Member Forms"

8. Get a full member or officer to give you your RFID key. Swipe it on the RFID reader outside of the main door, and make a note of the exact date and time you did so.

9. E-mail with your WEBSITE ACCOUNT NAME, PAYMENT EMAIL ADDRESS, and DATE/TIME RFID swiped, as well as the email address you sent your documents to Failure to include ALL information will result in a delay of your account activation!

10. You are now a "provisional member", with access to the space 24/7 so you can work/play whenever you want.

11. An officer will respond to you within 1-3 days confirming that your RFID has been activated and give you the outer door code.

12. At our next quarterly meeting (every three months), we vote dues-current provisional members who have been members for at least 30 days in as full members.

Printable version of this page for creating new member handouts - This PDF should be printed on 11×17 paper, double sided and folded in half. Then print the 3 forms (Membership, Emergency, and Waiver) and place them inside.

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