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Step 1

Come hang out with us. Get to know us, the tools we have and the things we make with them. If you like what you see and it suits your style, stay and help us build up the space.

Step 2

If you've decided joining us in our quest for crazy contraptions, make it known. Officers should be around at our big meetings and they can answer your questions and guide you to becoming a member :)

Actually becoming a member

  1. Sign up for an account on
  2. Arrange for payment of membership dues
  3. Fill out Liability Waiver
  4. Fill out Membership Agreement
  5. Fill out Emergency Contact form
  6. Scan all signed forms and submit them to
  7. Put forms in the ‘File Server’
  8. Get a board member or officer to give you your RFID key and activate it
  9. New keys will not be turned on until all the above have been recorded.
  10. You are now a "provisional member", with access to the space, including an RFID key so you can work/play whenever you want.
  11. At our next quarterly meeting (every three months), we vote provisional members in as full members.
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