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Step 1 - Learn About AMT and the social contract

Come hang out with us. Learn about the community, tools, projecs we make and organization.

Read about the culture here: [1]

Step 2 - Signing Up

Congratulations! You've decided joining us in our quest for crazy contraptions and maker hacker good times.

For a quick over fiew of the sign up process check out this video:

  1. Go to the website and arrange to pay dues - this creates an account at the same time
    • There are three levels of membership dues. There are no differences in services, privileges or responsibilities based on what dues you pay. 
      • Monster Corps 6-8/hpm – Contribute with your time instead of cash
      • Starving Hacker $60/month – For students, unemployed/underemployed, etc.*
      • Standard Hacker $80/month – Perfect for most of us
      • Premium Hacker $120/month – You are kicking in a little extra to make the dream possible
  2. Follow the email instructions. Paying dues will trigger an email with instructions you need to follow.
    • The Membership Agreeement, Release of Liability and Emergncey contactpaper work need to be completed: Paperwork via DocuSign
    • Update Your AMT Profile on your new account . You must include a recent, easily recognizable photo of yourself. (please no partial face images or tineey tiny faces).
  3. Pick Up an RFID at the member services desk

Failure to include ALL information will result in a delay of your account activation!

Provisional Membership

Congratulations, you are now a provisional member!* 

An officer will respond to you within 1-3 days confirming that your RFID has been activated and give you the outer door code. At our next quarterly meeting (every three months), we vote dues-current provisional members who have been members in good standing for at least 30 days in as full members.

* "Provisional member" is the AMT term for a member applicant to the nonprofit and, as such, does not confer voting rights or ownership in the AMT Ace Monster Toys California non-profit corporation. More information at Membership#Provisional_vs_Full.

Step 3 - Admin Instructions

For coupon generation:

  • Get notificaiton via email or slack from form. Scoop email.
  • Via the wordpress dash board find the manual email: SH-Coupon Request for [May 2017] and send the applicant an email.

An Admin is required to link the RFID fob to the Drupal account in order to activate the user's keyfob, then the admin should provide the front door code to the new member.

  1. Get the email to officers@
  2. Verify Paperwork and Photo (If either are missing please email applicant - do not proceed until recieved):
    1. Verify that the paper work was recieved in Docusign 
    2. Verify they loaded a good picture for the AMT Profile
  3. Log in to the Dashboard of the website as an admin
  4. Go to the new order for the new member
  5. Access the member account and add the following information 
    1. RFID number
    2. Date of membership information (including form submission)
    3. Change WP role to Author (this task is pending automation)
  6. Go back to the new order for the member and mark it complete. The system will automatically send the new member an email wiht the door code and all kinds of jucie information.

Printable version of this page for creating new member handouts - This PDF should be printed on 11×17 paper, double sided and folded in half. Then print the 3 forms (Membership, Emergency, and Waiver) and place them inside.