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As of June 2012 we settled on a logo... and some basic brand standards.

What Logo?

We don't have one yet.  So far we've thrown up a clip from this picture from Paul Sizer's rendition of Disney's The Iron Giant, and a sketch from Amazon Mechanical Turk that was posted in response to the following HIT:

Our hacker space needs a logo. It should have the following qualities:
  • A simplified version should be able to be drawn freehand in about 30 seconds
  • The line art should be less than 50 strokes total
It should evoke one or more of the following images or themes:
  • The words "ace monster toys"
  • Making things, forges, factories
  • Giant robots (but benign and friendly)
  • Monster toys, a toybox, a toy store
  • Ace of spades, ace cards in general

...plus we've been doodling things.

Theme: Ace of spades + robot


This is one potential logo. I also have a black & white version, and the details can be changed/adjusted as members give me feedback.

So, um, give me feedback. (The robot is building another robot, in case you couldn't tell. It's an arm he's hammering away at on the right side of the picture.)


--BJ (pierat)

Theme: wind-up monster toy


A completely different direction. I don't think this is finished but I kinda like how it's going. --rachel

(I also like this direction. --leks)

Here's the next logical step! --Dennis


Trying a looser style --Dennis



Cute, but with teeth!


File:Ace logo.png

Somehow I don't think Mozilla would like that very much... --leks

Theme: Ace of clubs

OK, the idea here is, rather than the ace of spades, it's the ace of clubs ('cause we're a club, see?), and the club is all steampunky and made of gears and pulleys.

I'm convinced that if someone who could draw drew this it would be awesome. --Turkshead

File:Ace gears fix.jpg

I see the potential for a great image - though how do you get the monster concept in? --Dennis

Arguably, everything steampunk is a monster toy :) --Turk

Theme: wind-up dino + ace card

Oh the clubs idea is great! Ace of Spades is totally overdone...
That said, I took the spade+dino out for a spin and came up with this:


See center tells you it's an ace, and the M has a monster, and the T has a toy. Yay.

Theme: Sharktopus

Ace logo 2.png

Octoshark ufo.jpg

As a Fully Licensed Sharktopus Hunter, it is my professional opinion that the Sharktopus be our mascot, as opposed to a logo. --leks

Theme: robot

I want to play! - WD




vector versions of above

High quality versions of above

I like this a lot. I prefer the font with little bent serifs to the sans on the bottom. --leks

Robot Stickers

February 4, 2011 - SeanIAm

Submitted for your review and comment. Add a comment or tally mark below the logo that you like. Click to see full-size. The most popular design will be printed on 3" round, UV coated decals sometime in February 2011.

Vector files for versions 1-5 below

V1 V2 V3 V4
AMT-Sticker-Round-2011-02-04v1.png AMT-Sticker-Round-2011-02-04v2.png AMT-Sticker-Round-2011-02-04v3.png AMT-Sticker-Round-2011-02-04v4.png
V1 votes: V2 votes: || V3 votes: V4 votes: |||||||
V5 votes: |

Thank you to all who voted. We will be getting these ordered and delivered ASAP --Seanosteen 06:30, 11 February 2011 (PST)