AMT Tour Talking Points

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Culture and Org

  • Storage - Explain tag system
  • Big bigotry not okay
  • Transparency and Respect (Slack!)
  • No Splaining!!!
  • Member Directory
  • Leave it better than you found it
  • Wifi
  • Unlimited guest policy (release of liability)
  • Must stay with your guests
  • Guest must follow social contract and space agreements
  • 7 year old business
  • Fully member supported
  • Board is elected (to elections a year)
  • Officers are appointed and run the org
  • Stewardship model makes it work


How to sign up

  • Pay dues  and Fill out online
  • Pick up a key
  • Send number on key envelope


  • Projector
  • Software classes
  • Put tables and chairs back when done
  • Park Bikes here
  • Great for group projects

Textiles Lab

  • 3 Types of machines (Serger, Lockstitch, Walking foot leather)
  • All the supplies and small tools needed
  • Cleaner than you found it
  • Copious supplies in bins
  • Work with steward for donations
  • Use a bunch leave a bunch


  • Only machine with a Fee
  • 25¢ per min firing time
  • CO2
  • 80 watt
  • Infrared
  • Won’t Cut Metal or glass
  • Must take our 101 class
  • Easiest CNC Machine in the space

3D Printing

  • Matt throws and awesome 3D printing night 2x per month
  • Upgrading our machines
  • Filament in the drawer
  • If you want special colors bring your own


  • Omy God crazy amounts of tools
  • Take the orientation to learn how to not dust yourself to death
  • Some machines require either A) 101 training or B) Certification
  • How to get certified info is in the New Member Handbook
  • Consumables, use some replace some
  • If you store things on scrap they must be tagged
  • Pack out your stuff - see contractors bags
  • Safety equipment is a must (point to stuffs)
  • It is okay to ask and be asked to use safety equipment

CNC Router

  • You must take our training
  • Fits just shy of a full sheet of plywood
  • Share a tool chain with the Engraver
  • The engraver is mostly used for jewelry and copper clad PCB boards
  • Show neat project


  • Awesome stuff
  • Lathe
  • Small tools
  • Taig
  • Band Saws
  • Big scary thing is okay for plastic too
  • Satallite program for Hot Work


  • Must clean up
  • Must put monitors and keyboards back when you are done
  • No gross trash
  • Basic office supplies and printers
  • Honor bar for coffee
  • Rentable lockers
  • Member storage (tags!) 


  • 3 Stations
  • Outfitted tool caddies
  • Solidering
  • Wall o’ wire and tools
  • Components (use them)
  • 2 nights a month for microprocessors
  • Basic tools like reflow and scopes