AMT Store Management/How to process storage orders

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We have a variety of different storage products. 

When users certain types of storage they need an ID form to be posted with their rental.

  • Use this form to fill out their info and post it in their space.
  • Then printed it out, put it in a clean envelope and use a magnet or lanyard to hang in their newly rented space. Supplies can be found in the Monster Corps Lockers or office supplies. 

If you find stuff in rentable spaces that is not being paid do the following:

  • Tag it with this form
  • If you know who's stuff it then, contact them via email or slack
  • If they pay for it process the order as above
  • If they don't bill them in monthly increments
  • If you don't know the owner, tag them with the form from above AND a Red Tag.