AMT Store Management

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The AMT store sells membership and goods. 


We use WooCommerce with a series of extensions on a WordPress site including:

  • Membership - Does what you think it does
  • Subscriptions - Allow for subscription 
  • Stripe Payment Gateway - take the monies
  • Follow-Up (email plugin) - all the emails ever both automated and manual
  • Smart Coupons (gift certificates, etc.) - makes our freebies and gift certificates
  • WooCommerce PDF Invoices - makes our packing slips
  • WooCommerce Name Your Price - Allows us to have a donation product where the user chooses the price

There is copious documentation on line on Woocommerce and the extensions we use.

Taxes and such

  • We have to collect sales tax on any goods we sell.
  • Make sure to check the local sales tax option
  • Not charging tax means that AMT must pay the 9.25% out of pocket... often our profit margin is less than that.

Inventory Control

  • The online store tracks our inventory. 
  • Cash sales will have to be tracked manually in the store.
  • How to Add a Product

Memerships vs Products

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