AMT General Meeting

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This page is about how to host the monthly General Meeting

This meeting is set aside for all the membership to get together, share projects, have a round-table discussion, to connect and collaborate. 

This event is promoted on the AMT Meetup page

This is not the weekly tour.


This meeting is 1x per month on Thursday evenings at 7:30pm


The main host crafts the agenda though out the two weeks prior to the meeting. This is done by getting updates on projects, org operations or general updates from the hacker/maker/artists community is large. This is a sample agenda:


• Laser: the new, the old the quirky

• Safety requirements - How not to be an asshole

• Stinkin' badges - A super quick 5 min. brainstorm game

• East Bay Mini Maker Faire - Badges, projects and more

• AMT Projects - We have updates on Vending Machines, IT@AMT, Cyclones and more.  Learn about the projects and how to join a team. 

• Open table - Questions... any question is fair game 

• Show n' Tell - Bring your projects finished, half finished, successes and failures.... we love them all. This week will include LED lighting, laptop cases, tool holders, light up clothing and more. 


Budget: $70 per meeting



  • The idea is to offer water, pop, cider, and beer.
  • In a perfect world, beverage stock is in the beer closet in the laser room.
  • When operational beer is supplied through the Keggorator
  • Contact @officers on slack to get the code


  • Food should be labeled so we don't kill anybody (nuts, dairy, gluten, etc.)
  • The food should be a small plate/snack type food
  • Family style food is the best bargain - salads, casserole type stuffs.
  • Snack arrays are okay but not optimal
  • Deserts are okay but not super popular
  • Enough for 8 to 20 people (numbers are hard to predict)
  • Known vendors if you must order in:
    • Namaste Pizza
    • Mint Leaf on 6th (Bhan Mi)
    • Giin Thai

We are currently working to set up relationships with a couple of restaurants that can sell us economical family style food that we can just pick up. (as of 8/9/17)


At the beginning of the night:

  • Supplies are kept in the beer closet in the laser room. Contact @officers on slack to get the code.
  • Put out the signage by 6:45 - Event signage
  • Set up plates/eating utensils/ napkins etc. 

At the end of the night:

  • Bring in the event signage
  • Clean up the food
  • Put away unused supplies
  • Take out any full trash