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Welcome to the AMT Express, the regular newsletter providing you with a quick look at what is going on at AMT.


Happy New Year

We hope everyone had a fantastic holiday season. This is the time of year that folks are on the fence looking at the year we just closed as well as the year ahead. I think we can all agree we have had a good year. Membership continues to grow and programs continue to expand. At the tail end of last year Chris stepped down as President in order to focus on the very successful Hacker Scouts program. We welcomed Shoshana to the AMT Board in december as well. We also have a few new members to welcome as of the last general meeting (Hi, Lance, Chris and Adam).

Discussion of new spaces, new equipment and new ways to carry forward the growth and goodness experienced in 2012 continues. We are also seeking a new president (please see Please see for details).

More Space, More Better 

We all want to move… and get more space for more projects. Alas the project has hit a snag as we were not a good fit for the last space we applied for. We were all quite disappointed. But efforts continue not only to find a new space but to make our current space more usable - it will be our home for at least the next couple of months. Effort to make our current space are even already under effect — persons unknown have created new layout upstairs that allows for more workspace! This is very much a step in the right direction.  Please look for more communication over the next few week on the proposed steps that will move us forward and into a space we deserve.

In the mean time are YOU interested in helping drive growth! Or just ensuring that the culture and projects go in the right direction?? If so we are soliciting your participation both in working groups and in meetings! Announcements with details will go out as things develop and of course copious entertaining notes can be found on the wiki…

For more information on the big move project check out the wiki.

Projects, Programs and News 

Upcoming AMT Events 

All AMT event are posted out to the AMT Google Calendar, Facebook and MeetUp. So check out those pages for times and additional details.

Weekly Meeting every Thursday 1:30pm

Upcoming Maker/Creative/Geek Events

Equipment Summaries and Announcement 

The best source of all equipment related information is always the wiki equipment pages.

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