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Hot Air SMT Rework Machine

Status: Up. Cleaned and ready to go. The thing loves to melt nearby plastic: keep plastic and small children away. (edited) [brycenesbitt @ 7/24/17 22:41]

Documentation:  This tool is used for removing and installing surface mount technology (SMT) electronic components. It works by blowing hot air.

The main thing to know is don't be fooled: the gun will cool down if placed in the holster, but it's not off. Knock that gun over and it will heat right back up and burn something. Always turn it off at the rear.

The basic operation is to use the optional preheat plate to warm the board up to toasty-but-not-melting. Then use the hot air wand to target the component you want. Flux is helpful. Kapton or even blue tape is helpful to redirect the hot air away from things you don't want to remove. You'll have to experiment with temperature, but 275C is a good place to start for each.

Location: Electronics Area

Model: CSI853B+
Serial Number: 20151001-812
Spare Parts: Compatible with generic hot air nozzles in hundreds of shapes.  The wand is a pretty standard part, and can be replaced.
Warranty: Until September 2017, contact for service.

Donated By:' Bryce Nesbitt