2018-2019 Goals

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The Board has selected to focus on the following three areas for the 2018 FY.

Be Intentionally Inclusive

AMT strives to be a place for growth of all kinds of people. We, as the organization, want to be engaged in a continual process of understanding how we can make people feel welcome and safe.

Actionable items to support this goal :

  1. Update and promote the anonymous incident report system.
  2. Create media and advertising that shows a diverse range of people and projects.
  3. Roll out a code of conduct by end of Q3.

Support Sustainability

We want AMT to be around for the long haul as a positive force in people's lives. This means both running the org in a way that is financially and operationally sustainable as well as creating a culture in which it is easy to get and stay involved with helping run the space.

Actionable items to support this goal :

  1. Recruit 40 new members by November 30th.
  2. Reassess and prioritize officer positions to fill,and fill positions.
  3. Reduce critical single-person dependencies (critical tasks only one person knows how to do).

Strengthen Our Community

AMT is a space that fosters collaboration and support between members, as well as shared knowledge and responsibility for the space. Community is so much of what is amazing about AMT, and is also what keeps it sustainable. We want AMT to be a good member of the maker community and East Bay community.

Actionable items to support this goal :

  1. Continue engaging in events in the wider community, such as the Oakland library program and Hoover school project.
  2. Develop more content and programs that strengthen soft skills within the community, such as the new member orientation.
  3. Create strong relationships with other groups, organizations, and spaces in the greater Bay Area.