2018-2019 Budget

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Current Budget

Budgets are living things. Updates are posted here.

Practical Budget as of 11-30-18

Practical Budget as of 1-31-19

Financial Summary as of 02-28-19

Financial Summary as of 03-31-19

How the 2018-2019 Fiscal Year Budget is created

Information Here

Committee Composition

Ideally comprised of 2 Directors, 2 Officers, 2 Stewards, and 2 Members.

Dates and sign up

There are 3 working dates and player slots. Ideally, each player would be able to play all three games. Alternates are possible though.

Sign up on this Google sheet!

  Game One: Speculation
Saturday, October 6th - 10 am - 1pm
Game Two: Core Ops
Sunday, October 7th- Noon to 4pm
Game Three: Devils and Details
Sunday, October 14th - Noon to 4pm
Player 1 Shaun Farley Colm Steven Sheffield
Player 2 Sarah Doggett Steven Sheffield Victor Lane
Player 3 Ankeet Jack K Ankeet
Player 4 Darcy Sarah Doggett Shaun Farley
Player 5     Emory
Player 6     Patrick
Player 7      
Player 8 Crafty Rachel Crafty Rachel Crafty Rachel


Player's Kit: Limited Resources® The Game

Draft! Links not ready yet!


This is the short list of resources referenced in this player's guide. It is highly recommended that you read the player's guide for context on how these resources are used.

Limited Resources® The Game Players Reference Guide