2017-2018 Goals

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These are the five actionable measurable goals for the 2016-17 FY as selected by the board and influenced by the membership.


Goal: 25% women by June 2018

Goal: We will reach out to diverse groups 6 times over the next year.

  • Reach out consists of going to their events as representatives of AMT.
  • Contacting to leaders about mutual support
  • Offering beneficial internship/membership
  • Invite outside group 

More Leaders

Goal: Be fully staffed

  • Tell one positive leadership story a month
  • Celebrate one leader a month - with specifics about contribution
  • Post a job opening on the door/in space per month.
  • Changing signage in the space - see LED signs
  • Recruitment effort for a Fundraising Coordinator  focusing outside the org
  • Reward leaders

Stronger Community 


  • Slack statistics
  • Weekly meeting attendance
  • Vote participation
  • Door logs (door closers)
  • Blog entries


  • Do 3x med-large social events
  • Redo member meeting format
  • 1 Group Build
  • 6 Build along events a year (every other month)



  • Auto charge cards for AMT Bills by August 31st
  • Eye-fi like cameras in the space for users
  • Instagram (check out that)
  • Press - This (education) - tentative ( research)
  • Process Mapping - Map 1 process per month and analysis for efficiency (officers)
  • FATT



  • Standard template for tool documentation - Templates for documentation types
  • Document 3 things a month
  • Revisit 3 Wiki pages a month
  • Define desired documentation TAP and process by 3 month