2012 Board Election

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Current nominations:

  1. Robert Cook
  2. Chris Cook (can't have too many cooks!)
  3. Al
  4. Stefan
  5. Costa
  6. Cliff
  7. Atom
  8. Louise
  9. David R.
  10. Christian
  11. Anup
  12. Mike G.
  13. Aaron (slick)
  14. Crafty Rachel



The AMT Board Consists of 5 members. We're going to use a Condorcet voting process. Everyone gets to rank the available candidates from 1 to 10 (or however many there are), then some complicated algorithm determines the result that everyone hates least (aka most fair). The nomination process takes place between now and June 14, with voting taking place on the June 21 meeting. Candidates can announce their candidacy any time. Don't nominate yourself. No robots, or humans with more than 49% robot content.

To be eligible to vote, you must be a full member (not provisional member) of Ace Monster Toys in good standing (paid dues recently). You must vote in person or give your proxy to another member to vote for you.


We did all of this in 2010 and 2011.

Vote Calculator

Here is an application to count the votesso that I don't have to learn the algorithms by hand.Site dead. Here's a new one

Rank each candidate by how much you like them, highest number is best (so if there are 12 candidates, and you liked Bob the best, you'd write 12 next to him)

Write the rankings separated by commas: 5,1,2,3,4 -- means you liked the first guy best, and the second guy worst, etc

Sample Vote

Give the following 6 candidates:

  1. Bob
  2. Jack
  3. Sally
  4. Bill
  5. Jimmy
  6. Carol

Your favorite is Bill, so you put a 6 next to him, then you go down, putting a 1 next to your least favorite, Jimmy.

  1. Bob 4
  2. Jack 3
  3. Sally 5
  4. Bill 6
  5. Jimmy 1
  6. Carol 2

Now you take the numbers and put them on a single line:


And that gets entered into the vote calculator


  • David R
  • Chris Cook
  • Rachel 'Crafty'
  • Anup
  • Terry